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Worldwide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System,World Wide Voltage Supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

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The Sony KDL-55NX720 55" BRAVIA Full HD Multisystem 3D TV

Worldwide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System

Worldwide NTSC, PAL BG, PAL I, Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners

World Wide Voltage Supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

 KDL-55NX720 (3D 200hz LED, Monolithic Design, TOP OF THE LINE BORDERLESS)

is usually purchased for its ability to receive local programming anywhere in the world. But take a closer look and you'll see that it is a capable and versatile HDTV with features you're not likely to find in other sets.

For starters, the KDL-55NX720 delivers HD in 1080p resolution for an incredibly crisp picture. The set incorporates Sony's X-Reality Picture Engine for deep, vibrant, finely detailed images. 24p True Cinema ensures that your Blu-ray movies will look like they do in theaters, without judder. Couple this with Live Color Technology with Advanced Contrast Enhancer for extremely sharp and noise-free images and you've got an HDTV that produces gorgeous pictures you'll never tire of watching.

But what's a great picture without sound to match? Sony includes multiple sound modes, including dynamic/standard/clear voice and surround sound to ensure that you're a part of the action, no matter what type of program you're watching. It's all delivered through a pair of speakers that pump out 30W (10W x 3) of power for room-filling sound.

Extensive connectivity, which includes a full complement of inputs and outputs (including USB), makes the KDL-55NX720 an ideal choice to serve as the hub of your home entertainment system. Four HDMI inputs ensure that your set is HD-capable for years to come.

Despite the numerous options which this set provides it's a snap to access all of its features through its graphic user interface and full-featured remote control. For a great HD picture, world-wide compatibility, and features that stack up to those of any other, the KDL-55NX720 is hard to beat.


Dynamic Edge LED

By controlling individual LED blocks, the amount of unneeded LED backlight is reduced, thereby giving an astounding contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1. This also reduces power consumption to levels below that of conventional LED-backlit models and helps save both money and the environment


Wi-Fi Integrated

Enjoy convenient Internet connections with Wi-Fi integrated and Wi-Fi ready models. These features enable you to use the BRAVIA Internet TV and widgets without any additional wires and let you experience true freedom from cumbersome and messy cables


Monolithic Design

Based on the Japanese design concept Tatazumai - when an object both stands out in the space but also blends in, monolithic design aims to fit with the decor and style and yet be the most attractive and eye catching element in that space


Skype Ready

Make calls to other Skype users or even regular telephone numbers, even as you watch your favorite shows


Remote Keyboard

Connect your TV to your VAIO for seamless navigation. Use your VAIO keyboard to control your television and input text quickly and conveniently


Full HD 1080

With High Definition (HD) 1080 recording, the effective scanning line is 1080, which is more than twice the number in conventional standard definition (SD) format, and video data quality of high definition 1080p recording is about 4.5 times more. The difference between HD picture and SD quality is immediately noticeable. The wider 16:9 aspect ratio of HD approximates the shape of the human visual field, making you feel like you are actually in the picture


X-Reality Engine

Don't let your enjoyment be hampered by low resolution source videos. With Sony's exclusive X-Reality Engine, everything you watch - from HD movies to Web videos - is analyzed and selectively processed to give clean, clear, and lifelike pictures. While three unique noise reduction features work their magic prior to upscaling, Sony's Intelligent Image Enhancer divides the signal into four characteristics - texture, outline, contrast, and color - and optimizes each one individually for more vivid and distinct pictures



Motionflow technology actually creates additional pictures which inserts into fast moving sequences to effectively double the number of pictures, or frames, that make up the sequence. This improves motion performance so that fast actions appear clearer, sharper, and smoother


OptiContrast Panel

By replacing the air cavity between the LCD display panel and glass plate with a resin sheet, screen glare from both reflected and refracted light is significantly reduced. This results in lifelike images with richer details and deeper black, even in the brightest rooms


Live Color

Live Color can reproduce colors more vividly with an image processor that uses an algorithm specially developed by Sony. You can even adjust color vividness for optimal image quality with four different options available. With Live Color, you'll be able to experience the power of vivid colors and impressive pictures with finer color tuning


MPEG Noise Reduction

MPEG Noise Reduction automatically reduces block noise and improves the edges of characters while at the same time, successfully suppressing noise that usually appears at high contrast edges. Enjoy crisp, noise-free images with sharp edges on BRAVIA series televisions


Advanced Contrast Enhancer

By reproducing fine levels of gradation and dynamically controlling the contrast of every image, the Advanced Contrast Enhancer delivers superior light, mid and dark tones in every scene. Now you can enjoy those deep dark scenes without sacrificing the brightness of the lighter elements


24p True Cinema

While conventional televisions (and most DVDs) operate at 50Hz, modern film-makers record their films onto Blu-ray disc using 24 frames per second (24Hz, or 24p). With 24p True Cinema, your BRAVIA will automatically recognize these films and select the correct format for playback so you see and hear the film just as in the theater


PhotoTV HD

This new feature allows you and your loved ones to enjoy all your favorite images right on your BRAVIA TV in their full glory. Create a slide show directly from your Handycam, Cyber-shot or Alpha featuring your exotic vacation or a collection of images from days long past and enjoy them in the high definition and color of your BRAVIA TV


Picture Mode

Lets you select the most optimal picture mode - dynamic, standard, soft and personal - to match your viewing environment


3D Comb Filter

A group of circuits inside the television that improve analog broadcasts by completely separating the information about light and dark (called luminance) from color (called chrominance)


Sound Mode

This smart feature lets you select the ideal sound mode - dynamic, drama, soft and personal, giving you more realistic sound effects to further enhance your viewing enjoyment


S-Master Digital Amplifier

S-Master Digital Amplifier produces superb accuracy, clear separation of signals, and balanced sound reproduction using a digital-to-digital process. They are designed to be highly efficient, producing minimal heat while taking up about a quarter of the space of conventional amplifiers. Sony's S-Master accepts all digital signals in digital and cleanly amplifies the signal in digital without needing to convert it into analogue first. Using a simplified signal path and full digital processing, the audio signal is taken directly from DSP stage without additional D/A conversion. This keeps the purity of the digital audio signal right up to the final speaker output, reproducing a realistic sound experience just like the original recording


S-Force Front Surround 3D

After years invested in developing totally virtual surround sound technology, Sony has created S-Force front surround. This amazing technology utilizes a complex process of sound delay to bring a surrounding sound atmosphere to any space whatsoever from just two front speakers


Picture Frame Mode

The elegant design and slim dimensions of the BRAVIA Series allow you to complement every interior d

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