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The smallest in our series of wall-mounted converters for remote installation and wiring to the point of use. It provides constant and regulated 120v~60Hz output power, perfect for a single appliance or multiple devices that have a combined load up to 600 watts.

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Are you looking for a premium quality voltage regulator? If yes, then you need to get the new Powerxchanger Xm-5 600w (5 Amps) Installer Series Voltage And Frequency Converter (50 <> 60 Hz) Black right away! This high-quality voltage and frequency converter can deliver constant and regulated 120v~60Hz output, which allows you to run single and multiple appliances in your home. Moreover, the device is built using a hardened metal casing that adds to its overall durability and rugged design. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this product right away!

What you get:

  • Ideal for running multiple devices at once
  • A reliable and powerful converter for constant and clean AC power 
  • Provides 5Amps of clean, regenerated power
  • Built using hardened metal casing to give you a rugged design and better durability


The Xm-5 is the world’s most powerful Voltage and Frequency converter available for personal use. While being small and portable, it regenerates 5 Amps of power that exceed in quality and regulation of a dual socket home outlet


The smallest in our series of wall-mounted converters for remote installation and wiring to the point of use. It provides constant and regulated 120v~60Hz output power, perfect for a single appliance or multiple devices that have a combined load up to 600 watts.



The Xm-5 is the smallest in this series of Voltage and Frequency converters. Providing 5 Amps of regenerated, clean, 120v~60Hz power, it includes all of the same technical features of the larger capacity Xm-10 and Xm-15. Perfect for powering a single appliance or multiple devices whose total load does not exceed 600 Watts (5 Amps).

Xm-5 is a full-featured sine wave output regenerator that produces new, clean, and constant AC power; eliminating line noise and ensuring optimum performance. It is capable of providing 120~60Hz electricity for running a single household appliance or devices whose load does not exceed 600W (5 Amps).

This unit is designed to be Wall Mounted remotely in a convenient location and utilizing the supplied Input Receptacle wired to the supplied single Wall Double Outlet at the point of use.

The Xm-5 features a hardened metal casing.



With sophisticated electronics including power factor correction, as well as input and output EMI and RFI filters, it produces continuous power at over 92% efficiency and with output Harmonic distortion below 3%. High levels of regulation ensure 120~60Hz output with fluctuations below ± 2%, making it the ideal conversion device for taking high-end audio and home theater equipment overseas.


Power for High Performance Audio

To the audiophile, the Xm-5 functions as a Regenerator with Power Factor Correction (PFC). It is a premiere choice for powering audio equipment to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles. With its clean sinewave output (typically < 1%THD) and with virtually no change in amplitude due to input voltage fluctuations and output load transients, audio equipment will always function with optimal performance. Because the output of the Xm-5 regulates so well, another advantage to the audiophile is that other equipment powered by the Xm-5, such as HDTVs and DVRs, will not introduce noise or distortion to the audio output via the common power connection.

Additionally excellent EMI filtering on the input and output of the Xm-5 prevents RFI noise from being injected into the audio output.

Another important feature for audiophiles is the high output surge current capacity (150 Amps) of the Xm-5. This capability to source high surge currents with minimal distortion of the output voltage results with crisp high volume audio transients.

Frequently overlooked is the importance of PFC for noise free operation of audio equipment. Because PFC eliminates voltage and current distortions on the input power leads to the Xm-5, this potential source of audio noise is virtually non-existent.



The Xm-5 has sealed, solid-state electronics that protect against humidity and dust, ensuring reliability and a long product life. An External Fan automatically cools the sealed electronics whenever the load exceeds 5 Amps or when environmental factors exceed operating temperature.



Not only will electrical equipment perform better, but the Xm-5 also acts as an advanced voltage regulator, which fully protects equipment against voltage irregularities, such as under INPUT voltage as low as 180Vac and over voltage as high as 265Vac and provides an appliance with inrush surge protection of up to 150 Amps.

Audible alarms notify overload, short circuit and temperature.

The Xm-5 not only meets the stringent standards of the UL and FCC in the USA, but also meets International Safety Standards.



Frequency Converter

Voltage Converter

Sophisticated Voltage Regulator

Surge Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Over-Current Protection

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Thermal Protection


High Efficiency

Input EMI and RFI Filters

Output EMI and RFI Filters

Low Harmonic Distortion

Sealed, Solid State Electronics

External Cooling Fan

Continuous Power

Audible Alarms

International Approvals

Includes Remote Installation Kit



Output Voltage 120Vac

Output Current-Amps @ 60Hz   5A

Voltage Regulation          ± 2% From Setpoint

Output Frequency           60Hz (Auto-Synchronized to Mains)

Crest Factor        8:1

Voltage Waveform          Sine Wave

Output Distortion (Resistive Load)           <2%

Output Distortion (Reactive Load)            <3%

Non-Linear Peak Current for 30 sec.        40A

Standby Power 10W

Total Harmonic Distortion             < 3% at 100% Linear Load

Output EMI Filter             150Khz - 30Mhz

Output RFI Filter               30Mhz - 1000Mhz

Clamp Level        190V



Over Current Protection               Over Load Alarm Level: 100% ~ 135%

(alarm after 1 minute delay, shutdown after 1 minute alarm)

Over Load Shutdown Level: 136%

(shutdown after 2 second delay)



Nominal Voltage              200V/220V/230V/240V

Maximum Continuous Load        600W

Maximum Peak Load      1000W

Input Frequency              46Hz 65Hz

Phase    Single

Noise Filtering   Full-Time EMI/RFI Filtering

Input EMI Filter 150Khz -30Mhz

Input RFI Filter  30Mhz - 1000Mhz

Over Current Protection               By Re-Settable

Over Current Protector

Voltage Range   180Vac 265Vac

Power Factor     > 0.95

Audible Alarm   Over Load Alarm:

Continuous alarm

Short-Circuit Alarm:

1 beep every 2 seconds

Thermo Alarm:

Every other 2 seconds, 32 beeps in 2 seconds

Inrush Surge Capacity    <150A

Voltage Interruption Ride Through          30mS

Efficiency             >92%



LCD        Not Applicable

LED         Not Applicable


Environmental and Safety          

Operating Temperature                Up to 2000 Meters:

0° to 45°C

(32°F to 113°F)

Transit/Storage Temp    -15°C to 60°C

(5°F to 140°F)

Relative Humidity            5 – 95% Non-Condensing

Operating Altitude          0 ~ 3000 Meters

Moisture Sensitivity        Sealed Electronics



Natural Ventilation          Yes

External Cooling Fan Control       Auto on/off, controlled by heat sink temperature & load level



Product Dimensions

L×W×H(cm/in)  41.50 × 26.50 × 10.00 cm

16.34 × 10.83 × 3.94 in

Net Product Weight

Net/Gross (kgs/lbs)        9.71 kgs

21.41 lbs

Carton Dimensions

L×W×H(cm/in)  58.00 x 30.00 x 54.00 cm

22.83 x 11.81 x 21.26 in

Shipping Weight               16.53 kgs

36.44 lbs

Warranty             2 Years, Full Replacement

Quality Control Standard              ISO9001

International Approvals                UL-ULus (CCN: QQFU/7) Power Units Other Than Class 2,

UL 1012, Seven Edition, October 14, 2008

UL-cUL: CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 107.1-01, September, 2001

DEMKO-CB IEC60950-1:2005+A1:2009+A2:2013 (Ed. 2.2)

TUV/SUD-CB IEC 60335-1:2010+A1:2013 (Ed. 5.1)

FCC Part 15: subpart B

EMC 2004/108/EC


Do you want a voltage regulator for your home? If yes, look no further than Powerxchanger XM-5 600W (5 Amps) Installer Series Voltage And Frequency Converter (50 <> 60 Hz) Black. This converter delivers constant and regulated 120v~60Hz output that lets you run both single and multiple appliances of homes. In order to ensure its high durability and rugged design, this converter is made of hardened metal casing.

What you get

  • Provides 5 Amps of regenerated, clean, 120v~60Hz power
  • Great for running single appliances or multiple devices
  • A powerful and reliable converter for clean and constant AC power
  • Hardened metal casing for high durability and rugged design

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