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Steam from 29 vents along the Panasonic NI-E500s U-Shape groove is spread right across the soleplate, increasing the steaming rate 25%* higher than ever before. With an even distribution of steam, the fabric can be softened faster and the wrinkles can be ironed out more effectively, guaranteeing a fabulous finish every time.

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Features Overview

U-shape Teardrop Design Solepate

1850-2150W Output

Titanium Coating

Steam Circulation Groove

Round Ride Soleplate 

Hip-Up Raised Heel Design

Power Shot Steam Output

Vertical Steam Shot

Calc Cut Anti-Calcium System

Spray Mist

Jet of Steam / Self Cleaning

20g/min Steam Output

Colour:  Dark Blue

With the push of a button the NI-E500's vertical steam feature allows you to direct an extra burst iof steam where needed.  The vertical steam feature is ideal for larger fabrics - like curtains and tablecloths as well as tight spots like collars and cuffs.


Smooth, fast ironing with a longer, rounded edge soleplate


The unique shape of the soleplate prevents fabric from gathering so ironing is effortless and much less of a chore. The soleplate is also 5%* longer, allowing you to finish your iroining faster than ever before.  The 'Hip-Up' raised heel rest of the NI-E500 allows for an easy-to-see viewpoint while moving the iron in the reverse direction.


*When compared to other conventional corded Panasonic Irons.  Research by Panasonic Corporation.


Anti-Calcium System


One of the problems with conventional steam irons is the calcification of water droplets during ironing caused by water quality and other factors. This clogs the steam vents and causes functions to not work properly.  Panasonic's 'Anti-Calcium System' keeps the steam jets nice and clean at all times - protecting your iron for a longer life.


User-friendly features to make ironing easier


The Panasonic NI-E500 offers a range of user-friendly features that help make ironing easier than ever before.  Super-easy to refill and comfortable to grip, the NI-E500 also has a 360

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