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Helps prepare veg, soups, sauces, dips, puree, chips, burgers, dough and stir fry A range of attachments including a patented folding tool designed to fold meringue, mousse and fruit fools as well as a dual whisk used to create the lightest egg whites, creams and mousses. The heat resistant Thermo resist, 1.6 litre blender is ideal for hot and cold food Energy saving auto-off function giving you 50% energy saving Kenwood 5 year guarantee-simply register your product to receive it. See promotional details below

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Product Description

Product Description



The Multipro Sense FPM810 comes with an incredible range of specially designed attachments. This food processor features both a variable and an auto speed function that allows you to choose the best speed for each accessory. This means that you can focus on creating even more exciting and adventurous meals.


The Multi Pro sense ThermoResist blender attachment has ultra-tough glass, which allows for both hot and cold blending without the risk of the material cracking or shattering. In addition to this the Multipro Sense is the first Food Processor to use revolutionary Tritan plastic for its 3.5 Litre main bowl and 1.5 Litre mini bowl. This tough, durable, BPA (Bisphenol-A) free plastic is impact and shatter resistant and is designed to withstand extreme use and repeated dishwasher cleaning without losing its sparkling transparency.


It features a 1000 watt motor and patented Multipro dual drive system to deliver optimum performance and speed as both a processor and blender. It has eight speed settings and additional pulse option to allow for total user control when necessary.

Box Contains


1 x Kenwood FPM810 Processor with weighing scales

1 x Thermo Resist Glass Blender

1 x Mini Bowl

1 x Stainless Steel Knife Blade

1 x Dough Tool

1 x Fold Tool

1 x Dual Whisk

1 x Extra Fine Grater

1 x Fine Julienne disc

1 x Storage Box

Kenwood Food Processor FPM810


The Kenwood Multi Pro Sense Food Processor and Blender is designed to be the ultimate machine to assist in food preparation tasks. It features a tough Tritan 3.5 litre bowl and a 1.6 litre thermo resist liquidiser.


Kenwood's Multi Pro Dual Drive system means that both Food Processor and Blender can be operated at optimal speed from a single base.


With a wide choice of attachments and functions, you can create even more great food with the Kenwood Multipro Sense food processor.


    Thermo Resist Glass Blender

    Built in weighing scales

    Mini bowl sits within the main bowl and is optimal for preparing smaller quantities.

    Knife blade, dough tool, whisk tool and fold tool

    Slicing and grating discs

    Extra fine grating and julienne discs

    Suitable for large family servings and entertaining




Perfect for blitzing vegetables, this machine will help you make your favourite soups

Smoothies / Cocktails


Quickly prepare deliciously blended fruits, yoghurt and other ingredients with this machine.

Nutritional Health Drinks


Blend healthy, nutritious drinks with ease



This machine will blend your ingredients to create your favourite dips, such as mayonnaise, hummus, guacamole and more.

Cakes & Biscuits


Using the mixing, whisking and folding functions and tools, this machine will help you create delicious cakes and biscuits.



With creaming and blending functions, this machine will make mousses, creamed mixtures, cheesecake, meringues and much more



Make delicious doughs for home made bread and pizzas. The dough hook included is for professional standard kneading.



Create tasty pastry dishes with the mixing functions on this machine. Create quiche, tarts, pies and more

Vegetables & Salads


With this machine you can easily slice and chop vegetables. Make the hard task of chopping aromatic onions and chilli a thing of the past. Prepare a quick and easy salad, or prepare your vegetables for the next stage of cooking



With this machine you can blend and mix your ingredients to create delicious sauces, perfect for your favourite dishes

Meat Dishes


You can easily chop and mix your ingredients to create the mixture needed for creating burgers, sausages, patties and more.


To make sausages, kebabs and grind meat, you will need a meat attachment available for these machines

Brand    Kenwood

Model Number FPM810

Colour   Silver

Item Weight       13 Kg

Product Dimensions       23 x 23 x 40 cm

Capacity               3.5 litres

Power / Wattage             1000 watts

Material               Metal

Number of Speeds          8

Special Features               Cord Storage

Are you looking for a multipurpose kitchen appliance? If yes, add Kenwood FPM810 Multi-PRO Sense Food Processor With Scales, 3.5 L, 1000 W – Brushes Metal 220 Volts Not For USA to your kitchen. This food processor will help you prepare sauces, puree, soups and many other ingredients with much ease. It comes equipped with an incredible range of specially designed attachments. The option of both variable and an auto speed function allows you to choose the best speed for each accessory. So you have the opportunity to make delicious food for your loved ones.

What you get

  • An ideal appliance for making sauces, puree, soups and dough
  • An incredible range of specially designed attachments
  • Both variable and auto speed function
  • 100W motor and patented Multipro dual drive system to deliver optimum performance 


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