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Hoover TH31BO01 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 220 volts NOT FOR USA Effectiveness - onboard pet tool loosens and lifts out hard-to-remove pet hair Capacity - large 3L bin can be emptied easily and hygienically without exposure to dust Versatility - brush bar can be adjusted to suit different floor types Functionality - comes with 2-in-1 dusting / upholstery tool and long crevice tool Reach - long 4.5m stretch hose cleans a 13-step staircase without balancing the vacuum on the stairs

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Large capacity - Breeze Evo has a generous-sized 3 liter bin which can be emptied easily and hygienically, without exposing your hands to the dirt

13 stair cleaning - the 4.5m stretch hose means you can vacuum a standard 13 step staircase in one go, with no need to hold or balance the vacuum on the stairs

Adjustable brush bar - the height of the rotating brush bar can be adjusted to suit different floor types. this lets you to deep clean carpets with different pile lengths, yet still glide smoothly on hard floors

Above floor cleaning - included is a long crevice tool, extension tube, and 2-in-1 dusting/upholstery tool to help tackle cleaning tasks all over your home

All Hoover products are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months; please register your appliance with Hoover


From the manufacturer

Long reach cleaning

Breeze Evo is a bagless upright vacuum, packed with useful features to help make your cleaning feel effortless.

A cable length of 7m lets you reach further without having to stop and change to a different power socket. A longer flex makes your cleaning more convenient and efficient, so that you can get it done quicker and get on with enjoying your free time.

Another extended reach benefit that Breeze Evo has to offer is the long hose, which stretches to an impressive 4.5m, long enough to reach a typical 13-step staircase.

Breeze Evo is suitable for most types of flooring, with an adjustable rotating brush bar to penetrate deeply into carpets for a thorough cleaning experience. Use the dial on the foot to raise and lower the brush bar according to the different floor types in your home. This allows you to achieve the optimal combination of dust pickup and maneuverability.

Above floor cleaning is easy, with the hose and accessories all stored neatly on board. The long rigid crevice tool is great for getting into tight spaces, whilst the dusting brush can be used for a multitude of chores, such as for your blinds or for skirting boards. Slide off the brush to reveal the upholstery nozzle, which cleans cushions and curtains without the risk of damage.

If you need longer reach, for example, to clean a light shade, or to vacuum a cobweb from the ceiling, the extension tube is an invaluable aid. Simply attach the tube to the end of the hose, then add the tool of your choice and away you go. The extension tube is also of benefit if you suffer from back pain, as it means you will not have to bend down to clean low areas.

Long reach vacuum

If you find it frustrating having to change to a different power socket every few minutes, it's worth investing in a vacuum cleaner with a longer cord. Breeze Evo boasts a cable length of 7 meters, helping make your housework hassle-free.

Full stair cleaning

Thanks to the 4.5-meter stretch hose on the Breeze Evo upright vacuum, you can reach all the way from the bottom of a typical 13-step staircase, right to the top. This is a great feature, as it means you won't have to balance the vacuum awkwardly halfway up the stairs or risk it falling over.

All floors

Breeze Evo bagless upright vacuum has an adjustable rotating brush bar, giving you the choice of five different settings. This allows you to get the best results on all the different floor types in your home, from the kitchen tiles to the fluffy carpets in the bedroom.

Large capacity

With a dust capacity of 3 liters, Breeze Evo is a good choice bagless upright vacuum cleaner for family homes. You can dispose of the dust quickly, without dirtying your hands, thanks to our one-touch system.

Above floor cleaning

Breeze Evo is not just for floors, as it comes with an extension tube and tools to tackle all sorts of cleaning tasks throughout your home.

Tools on board

The hose and all accessories can be stored neatly onboard the vacuum cleaner, for convenience and easy storage.


Technical Details

Brand    Hoover

Model Number TH31 BO01

Color     Black/Turquoise

Item Weight       6.4 Kg

Product Dimensions       109 x 32 x 31 cm

Capacity               3 liters

Power / Wattage             350 watts

Auto Shutoff      No

Energy Efficiency Class   A+ to G

Noise Level         79 dB

Special Features               bagless



Product description

The Hoover Breeze Evo is an easy to use vacuum at a great price. Features include an adjustable height brushbar, stretch hose for above-floor cleaning and 3 liter capacity, meaning you won't be emptying the bin every minute. With an A+ energy rating, it also meets the latest standards for eco-efficiency. Breeze Evo achieves an excellent 'a+' rating for energy efficiency, which means it is eco-friendly and could save you money on your electricity bills. Breeze Evo features an extension tube, long crevice tool and a 2-in-1 upholstery tool/dusting brush that will help you to clean all over your home. The long 4.5m stretch hose means you can vacuum a 13 step staircase in one go, with no need to hold or balance the vacuum on the stairs. Breeze Evo has a large 3-liter bin which can be emptied easily and hygienically, without exposing your hands to the dirt. Length of hose 4.5m. Hose stretches up to 4.5m. The capacity of dustbin 3 liters. Adjustable floor head. Includes crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, dusting brush, combination floor nozzle. Plastic extension tubes. Suitable for carpets and hard floors. 7m power cord. Size H109, W32, D31cm. Weight 5kg. Carpet pick up rating: D. Hard floor picks up rating: C. Overall energy rating: A+. Total emissions: C. DB79 noise level. 22 kWh usage per year.


Box Contains

1 x Breeze Bagless Upright Vacuum, 2-in-1 dusting brush/ furniture nozzle, Long crevice (in a tube), manual


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