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220-240V/50Hz, Natural ecotypic commercial air purifier, Manual environment, Applicable for area: 60m2(646 sq.ft), Noise level: 45db, OPTIONAL � HAP987�HEPA Filter, HAC987- Activated carbon & photo Catalyst.

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Aluminum static plasma filter: Its purification for dust is more than 99.9%.

HEPA: Absorbs particulate down to 0.0001mm like pollen, drifting dust and germs with purification efficiency of more than 99.9%.

Activated carbon: Catalyze and decompose the harmful gas like formaldehyde, H2S, NH3 efficiently.

Photo Catalyst: Restrain the activation of the virus effectively.

UV light: The sterilization rate is more than 97.6%

Ion: More than 8 million negative ions are generated per second makes you a fresh environment equal to 15000 square meters of forest.

Technical innovation

Aluminum electric static plasma filter: Adopt the gas and dust ionization technology to make up a static electric field. With the honeycomb type of aluminum filter. The area of 7500 square centimeters ensures the high efficiency to absorb dust. It is 6 to 8 times more than common ones. Adding washable characteristic, it extends the longevity of HEPA.

Ion: There are 4 carbon fiber heads to generate ions in order to ensure high density of ions continuously.

UV light: Its wave length is 254nm which can kill bacterial effectively with longevity up to 3000 hours.

HEPA: It is made of the new PP raw material and static fiber glass with the theine distillate which can restrain the allergen and bacterial on the filter.

Photo catalyst: It is made of semiconductor Tio2 which can oxidate the red cell of the bacterial so it can restrain the activity of the bacterial.

Activated carbon: It is biosynthesized from the walnut shell. The adsorption area of the activated carbon in the unit is more than 650000 square meters.

Humanistic technology

Filters cabinet: The static plasma, HEPA, activated carbon and photo catalyst filters are all in a cabinet which makes it easy to install, replace or clean the filters.

Pollution sensor: There are odor sensor in the unit which can detect all kinds of pollution in the air to control the working status of the unit.

Purification LED: It shows you the pollution of the air according to the color of the LED: RED/YELLOW/GREEN.

The longevity of the filter is twice or treble than normal: It is improved that the electric static plasma can reduce the particulates in the air up to 99% so that it extends the longevity of HEPA and activated carbon filters.

Auto alarm: There are HEPA replacement, electric static plasma cleaning and UV replacement alarm/LED.

Auto mode: It is controlled by the in-built Samsung IC to set MANUAL/AUTO/TIMER/ AIR SENSOR mode.

With ON/OFF music settings and LED color screen technology.



Unit Dimension:  22.8 H x 14.8 W x 9.2 D

Unit Weight:  19Lb.

Capacity:  646 sq.ft


This appliance is not designed for use in America - only for countries that use 220V electrical outlets

This all new exclusive Healthyaire HA-987 Air Purifier for 220 Volts has aluminum static plasma filter to provide 99.9% purification from dust. In addition to this, this brand new air purifier also has activated carbon, photo catalyst, UV light and ions which provide the purest and freshest form of indoor air by removing all the air borne pollutants. Its humanistic technology, pollution sensor and other excellent features make it a must have home appliance for every home. Hurry up and book your order today.

What you get

  • 220 volts air purifier with various excellent features such as pollution sensor, purification LED, auto alarm, auto mode, on/off music settings and LED color screen technology, and many more
  • Unit dimension- 22.8Hx14.8Wx9.2D
  • Unit weight- 19lb

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