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Electrolux Z8802AVZ
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220 volt, 50Hz, Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filtration, 2000W Bagless Upright, Power of Red integrated design and its soft easy glide wheels make it a powerful yet lightweight upright cleaner for ease of use and exceptional pick up. The Power of Red All in One also offers an additional telescopic duster which permits you to clean any above the floor parts of your house and is, 3 to 1 stretch hose, Variable power control, Cyclonic nozzle, Foot operated pedals, Telescopic tube, Crevice nozzle.
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Electrolux Z8802AVZ
Technical information sheet of Electrolux Z8802AVZ
Electrolux Z8802AVZ

Electrolux Z8802AVZ
* 220 volt, 50Hz, Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filtration
* 2000W Bagless Upright
* 3 to 1 stretch hose: Having a 3 to 1 stretch hose permits you to reach further than a normal hose as it can extend three times its resting size to clean any above of the floor parts of your house
* Variable power control: Variable power control enables you to adjust the power to suit the surface you are cleaning - floors, upholstery, rugs, curtains, stairs etc
* Cyclonic nozzle: No need to buy dustbags
* Crevice nozzle: Additional crevice nozzle to help clean in those awkward places
* Foot operated pedals: Pedals which are easy to use and without the need for bending. They are normally large and can be operated with the foot
* Telescopic tube: Length can be adjusted to suit your height
* Unique anti-odour filtration system: The Power of Red are all featuring a special Arm & Hammer Hepa filter to neutralize odours. Only clean and fresh air leaves the cleaner. This new Hepa filter is ideal for pet owners
* Integrated Power Paw for pet hair: All The Power of Red cleaners come with an integrated power paw nozzle with Riser Visor to help you remove the pet hair from any surface. The Riser Visor permits you to clean either vertically of horizontally your stairs and upholsteries
* Additional stairhose: The Power of Red offers an additional 3 to 1 stretch stairhose to help you clean your stairs. It permits you to reach a full flight of stairs without having to carry your vacuum cleaner
* Telescopic duster at hand and easy to clean: The Power of Red All in One offers a telescopic duster on its side to help you clean any area from the floor to the ceiling. Plus, your vacuum is helping you by sucking all the dirty bits out of it once you put it back on, just turn the knob and all the dust will be sucked directly into the main dustbin, so you are ready to use it again. (Only available for Z8802AVZ)

Product Specification:


Unit Dimension:     43.3 H x 13 W x 12.2 D

Unit Weight:          21.6 Lb.


Technical Specification                 Z8802AVZ

Voltage                                               220V, 50Hz

Wattage                                             2000W

Dust bag                                             No

Cyclonic                                             Yes

Filtration                                             Anti-odour HEPA

Dust capacity (liters)                            2.4

Washable filters                                  No

Quick release dust bin                          Yes

Floor type selector                               Yes

Edge to edge cleaning                          Yes

On/off rotating brush roll                       No

Telescopic handle                                No

Hose                                                  3 to 1 clear stretch

Belt/Brush roll window                          No

Cord length (metres)                            7

Tools on board                                    Yes

Extension tubes                                   Yes

Crevice nozzle                                     Yes

Combination dusting & upholstery brush Yes

Other accessories                               Integrated Power Paw Additional 3 to 1 stair hose Additional 3 to 1 stair hose Hard floor nozzle Self cleaning telescopic duster

Weight (kg)                                         9.8

Dimensions (cm) hxwxd                       110x33x31

Colour                                                Radiant Red

Filter reference                                    EF106 / EF105



This appliance is not designed for use in America - only for countries that use 220V electrical outlets.


Electrolux Z8802AVZ
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Electrolux Z8802AVZ
Electrolux Z8802AVZ
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Electrolux Z8802AVZ
Electrolux Z8802AVZ
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Electrolux Z8802AVZ
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Electrolux Z8802AVZ
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