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Features Network Ready For Web Audio, Photo and Multi-Media PC Connectivity, Equipped With The Latest Surround Sound Decoders, HDMI 1.4a Includes 3D Blu-ray Compatibility and Easy Setup With Automatic Room Acoustic Correction

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Network Ready For Web Audio, Photo and Multi-Media PC Connectivity

Via the RJ-45 wired LAN connection to your broadband home network, the AVR-3311CI opens up a whole world of content choices, including subscription music services Rhapsody and Napster, internet radio via Pandora, photo viewing via flickr, and access to photos, and music tracks on your DLNA-compatible multi-media home PC. That LAN connection also allows for web control, and there s also an RS-232C serial port for custom integration with 3rd party whole home control systems.


Equipped With The Latest Surround Sound Decoders

The AVR-3311CI features high resolution audio decoders, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It also comes equipped with Audyssey s new DSX surround processor, which derives front height or front width channels for a dramatically expanded front soundstage. The Power Amp Assign function lets you specify the precise amplifier and speaker configuration that s right for your home theater setup.


Easy Setup With Automatic Room Acoustic Correction

Audyssey MultEQ XT room acoustic correction system features a microphone (included) to automatically measure the speaker configuration and provide acoustic tailoring for the best surround sound experience, and provides quick and easy setup. Dynamic Volume minimizes jarring volume jumps during commercial breaks, and Dynamic EQ provides a natural tonal balance even at very low volume levels.


HDMI 1.4a Includes 3D Blu-ray Compatibility

Featuring 6 HDMI inputs, the AVR-311CI is also equipped with Denon s high resolution video processor, which accepts standard definition video sources and upconverts them to HDMI. The latest HDMI 1.4a standard is supported, which provides 3D pass-through (Broadcast and Blu-ray), and also supports Audio Return Channel. The HDMI upconversion allows for a single HDMI cable run to the TV, avoiding the expense and hassle of multiple cable runs. One of the six HDMI inputs is conveniently located behind the front panel flip-down door, and there are two HDMI outputs, allowing the use of a home theater front projector as well as a flat panel HDTV.


HD Radio

In addition to conventional AM and FM tuning, the AVR-3311CI also features HD Radio. With HD Radio AM sounds like FM, and FM HD radio sounds like CD.


Quality Discrete Power Amplifier Section

The equal power amp design features 7 discrete power amp circuits, and each channel is rated at 125 watts (8 ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, .05% THD). For configuration flexibility, Denon s Power Amp Assign function lets you use 2 of the amp channels for surround back speakers, or front height effects speakers, or they can be assigned for second and third zone multi-room speakers.



Finish                                                   Black

Power Output; Watts Per Channel        125

All Channels Rated @ 0.05 THD          Yes

Weight: In Pounds                                26.9

Width (inches)                          17.1

Height (inches)                         6.7  

Depth (inches)                          15



Processor(s) Bit Depth and Type       21367 x 1 32-bit Floating Point

Dolby Digital Surround EX

Decoding                                              Yes

Dolby Digital Pro Logic II                     PLIIz

dts ES Discrete 6.1 Decoding  Yes

dts ES Matrix 6.1 Decoding                  Yes

dts Neo:6 Stereo-to-Surround

Cinema and Music Modes                    Yes

dts 96/24 5.1 for DVD-Video

Processing                                            Yes

Audio Signal Delay (Sync. Audio

with Video signal) By source              Yes

Pure Direct/Direct/Stereo Modes

on Digital/Analog inputs                        Yes

Stereo/Direct Modes w/Pure

Analog Path                                          Yes

Video Game Mode                               Yes

Wide Screen 7.1 Mode Audyssey

DXT                                                    Yes

Mono Movie Surround Mode  Yes

Rock Arena Surround Mode                Yes

Matrix Surround Mode                         Yes

Jazz Club Surround Mode                    Yes

Virtual Surround Mode For 2

Speakers/Headphones                          Yes

Multi-Channel Stereo Mode                 5/6/7

DSP Effect Modes                               7

Auto Surround Mode (Analog

or Digital Input Type)                Yes

Active Center Channel In All

Surround Modes                                  Yes

Dynamic Discrete Surround

Circuit - Digital HD                               Yes

Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital+        Yes  

dts-HD Master Audio                           Yes

MP3 Decoding                                     Yes

WMA Decoding                                   Yes 

HD Radio                                             Yes



True 24-bit/192-kHz Digital Input

Capability (Denon Link & 1394)           Yes

Assignable Digital Inputs                       4

Digital Inputs: Coaxial               2

Digital Inputs: Optical                2

Digital Outputs: Optical                         1

Digital to Analog REC Out                    Yes

Analog Audio Inputs, Incl. Tuner           9 Incl. Sirius Radio

Phono Input                                          Yes

Source Function Renaming                    Yes

Analog Record Outputs                        1

Video Conversion Composite to

S-Video to Component                        Yes

Video Conversion Analog

to HDMI                                              Yes

Composite Video Inputs                       4 Incl. Front

Composite Video Outputs                    3 Incl. Monitor

S-Video Inputs                                     2

Sirius Ready                                         Yes

Rhapsody                                             Yes

Direct Function (Tone Bypass)              Yes

Volume Control Un-muting                   Yes

Selectable Muting Levels

(Full/-40/-20)                                       Yes 

Video Select Control                            Yes  

RS-232 Port Third Party Remote

Controllers                                           Yes 

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