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"Product 1: easy to connect and use: fully automatic, reverse polarity proof and spark-free. Product 1: robust and reliable: designed for outdoor use in all weather conditions. Developed and tested in Sweden. Product 1: Flexible: compatible with many types of vehicle batteries. Product 1: regenerating: special refurbishing program for restoring battery life and regenerating discharged batteries Product 2: Easy to charge via the cigarette lighter Product 2: suitable for standard and cigarette lighter sockets Product 2: accessories for the CTEK multi chargers: XS800, XC800, XS 3600, XS 3.8, XS 4003, XS 5.0, XS 7000, XS 0.8, XC 0.8, MXS 3.6, MXS 5.0 and MXS 7.0"

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CTEK charger MXS 7.0.
The CTEK MXS 7.0 is a powerful, intelligent battery charging and maintenance device for large car batteries, batteries from camper vans, boats or caravans. The compact and shock-resistant unit works fully automatically and is easy to use - no expertise is required. The CTEK MXS 7.0 comes with both traditional crocodile clips and practical ring eyelets for permanent attachment to your battery. In SUPPLY mode, the charger provides continuous current (up to 7A) in case the battery needs to be removed from the vehicle. If you regularly charge your battery with a CTEK MXS 7.0, the battery life will extend by up to 3 times. The MXS 7.0 comes with a 5 year warranty. Suitable for your MXS 7.0, CTEK also offers practical accessories, such as a protective rubber bumper, extension cable or a connection for the cigarette lighter. CTEK is a pioneer and world leader in battery management, supplying exclusively to the most famous automotive and motorcycle manufacturers. In most cases, heat is normal. A charger can get quite hot at about 50-60 °C and continue to work as it should. It can feel like a hot teapot so you don't want to hold it in your hand for a long time. The heat generation takes place in the bulk phase, charging algorithm, step 3, "bulk charging", and is normal when the charger is working with a large or very empty battery or battery to which significant parallel loads are connected at the same time. The following step, the absorption phase (4), the charger starts to cool down. The heat is developed under certain circumstances and depends on the receiver (battery). The charger does not necessarily heat up while another battery is being charged. You can try to charge another battery and watch what happens. Store the charger in a well-ventilated place (normal room is good) that is not clogged during charging, as there is no fan inside and is the only way to cool the convection. If there is a malfunction in the charger and you find that the charger smell, glow or shows other signs of strong overheating that have not been stopped by overheating protection, you should immediately stop charging by disconnecting the charger and returning the charger to the retailer. Even if the charger has signs of malfunction.

CTEK 56263 Cigarette Lighter Cable
56263 56263 – Cigarette lighter cable – Comfort Connect 400 mm cable suitable for the following devices: XC 0.8, XS 0.8, MXS 3.6, Multi XS 4003, MXS 5.0, MXS 7.0, MXS 10; CTEK 56263 cigarette lighter cable, pin dimensions Ø12 mm and Ø2. 1mm

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