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"Fully automatic, diagnosis, rescue, charging and maintenance function. Extends battery life. Regenerates deep discharged batteries from 0.5 V. No need to remove the battery. For cars, motorcycles, boats and tractors. Safe and easy to use No damage to sensitive on-board electronics. Operating voltage: AC 230V"

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Maximum Charging Current: 15 A (effective). Alternativ minimized charging current 2 A for beautiful battery's small charge capacity (switchable). Battery Type: Wet, lead acid, Gel, EFB, AGM
Battery Voltage: 6, 12 V, Battery Capacity: 6: 8 – 90 Ah, 12 volts: 15 – 180 Ah (charging 8 up to 10 hours). 100 a start Unterstützung. Ambient Temperature: -20 °C to + 40 °C
Safety features: designed to prevent overcharging and short circuit protection and protection against overheating and reverse polarity. LED display for charging mode, reverse polarity and defective battery
Heavy duty metal housing with integrated carry handle and charging indicator in% as well as Schutzisolierte battery clips
Durch maintenance charging function (2 a) perfect for the season Car such as convertible or motorcycle. No manual end of charge required

AEG 158009 Workshop Charger WM Ampere for 6 and 12 Volt Batteries, with Auto Start Function, CE, IP 20, 15 A
With auto start function CE, IP 20, 15 A.
The AEG workshop charger WM 15 is a powerful fully automatic microprocessor charger with auto-start function which is suitable for all standard 6 and 12 volt batteries. It has a maximum charging current of 12V/15A and a reduced charging current of 2A for gentle charging of small battery capacities. The trickle charging function (2A) is ideal for seasonal vehicles such as classic cars, convertibles, motorcycles.

The fully automatic microprocessor controlled charger does not require any manual stop of charging. The charger is switchable and includes protective insulated battery terminals and is equipped with a robust metal housing with integrated carrying handle and a charge status indicator. The LED indicator shows the charging mode, reverse polarity and battery fault.

The AEG workshop charger WM 15 can be used in a temperature range from -20 °C to + 40 °C and is protected by the safety features such as overcharging and short circuit protection and overheating and reverse polarity protection. The WM 6 charger is suitable for the following battery types: Lead acid, maintenance-free and low-maintenance batteries, gel, EFB, AGM.

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