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CARRIER 42TS012/ 38OHN012


220-240 Volt/ 50 Hz/ 1 Ph, Cassette Ceiling Mounted Split Air conditioner * 12000 BTU Capacity * Heating & Cooling * Mounted within the ceiling, these products take no additional space and are the least obtrusive in the space. Comfort levels can be easily and precisely controlled using the optional remote control. When faced with a unique load (need for cooling in heating season) or a need for auxiliary cooling (for example, the addition of a conference room), Carrier cassette systems provide an ideal solution * With refrigerant piping of 165-245 feet, you gain additional flexibility to place the outdoor unit farther from the room being heated/cooled. Carrier branded commercial fixed speed cassette systems can cool your equipment even when the outdoor temperature gets down to -20 deg F

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$ 2195

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Shipping Information:

Ship within 24 hours. Most orders delivered to any of the 48 US states in just 3-10 business days!

* R410A Refrigerant Type
* 2.61 W/W EER Cooling
* Ambient Temperature Cooling 18~43
* Ambient Temperature Heating 0~27
* Rotary Type compressor 
* Wireless Remote
* CE Approval 

Product Specification:


Unit Dimension:Indoor(body): 10.2”H x 22.4”W x 22.4”D (260x570x570 mm)/ Outdoor: 21.5”H x 30.7”W x 9.8”D (547x780x250 mm)

Unit Weight:Indoor (body): 14.5 Kg/32 lbs./ Outdoor: 28 Kg/61.7lbs

Shipping Dimension:Indoor(body): 11.4”H x 25.8”W x 25.8”D (290x655x655 mm)/ Outdoor: 22.6”H x 35.8”W x 13.2”D (575x910x335 mm)

Shipping Weight:Indoor (body): 17 Kg / 37.5 lbs./ Outdoor: 30 Kg / 66.1 lbs.

Product Type:Cassete air conditioner

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