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CARRIER 42TN036 / 38OHN036 / 40CAS 220-240VOLT / 50HZ / 1PH


Carrier 42TN036 / 38OHN036 / 40CAS 220-240Volt / 50Hz / 1ph

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Carrier 42TN036 / 38OHN036 / 40CAS White Panel

* 220-240Volt / 50Hz / 1ph


* Mounted within the ceiling, these products take no additional space and are the least obtrusive in the space. Comfort levels can be easily and precisely controlled using the optional remote control. When faced with a unique load (need for cooling in heating season) or a need for auxiliary cooling (for example, the addition of a conference room), Carrier cassette systems provide an ideal solution

* With refrigerant piping of 165-245 feet, you gain additional flexibility to place the outdoor unit farther from the room being heated/cooled. Carrier branded commercial fixed speed cassette systems can cool your equipment even when the outdoor temperature gets down to -20 deg F.


* 36000BTU Heat & Cool

* Wireless Remote

* Auto Restart Function

* Operating range in cooling 18 to 43 Deg C

* Operating range in heating -7 to 24 Deg C

* 2 Swing Motor

* 3D Screw indoor fan technology for reduction in air flow resistance and noise level, increase in air volume and improved heat exchanger efficiency

* Easy troubleshooting, Error code on LED display of the unit.

* In Built Drain Pump for lifting water up to 750mm

* Provision for ducting for nearby room


Product Specification:


Unit Weight: Indoor: 62 Lb./ outdoor: 207.5 Lb.

Shipping Dimension: Indoor: 13"H x 37.6"W x 37.6"D/ outdoor: 44.1"H x 43.4"W x 17.2"D

Shipping Weight:       Indoor: 70.6" Lb./ outdoor: 216.1 Lb.

Product Type:            Cassete Type Split Airconditioners


This appliance is not designed for use in America. Only for countries that use 220 / 240 V electrical outlets

·   For Large Appliances above 80 pounds the shipping rates may vary depending upon state.

·   For Residential delivery there will additional $40 to $75 charge.

·   Online charges for shipping are the approximate charges not the final shipping charge


CARRIER 42TN036 / 38OHN036 / 40CAS 220-240VOLT / 50HZ / 1PH

Are you looking for a split AC? Order today Carrier 42TN036 / 38OHN036 / 40CAS 220-240volt / 50hz / 1ph without a second thought. This mounted within the ceiling split AC is least obtrusive in spaces and takes no additional space. You can use it in any room without much worry about spaces. Ideal for almost every climatic conditions, order now and add a smart new extension to your home appliances.


What you get


  • Cassettes ceiling mounted split AC with excellent features like auto restart function, 2 swing motor, 3 D screw indoor fan technology for improved heat exchanger efficiency, wireless remote, and many other. 
  • R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Operating range in cooling 18 to 43 Deg C, operating range in heating -7 to 24 Deg C


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Carrier 42TN036 / 38OHN036 / 40CAS 220-240Volt / 50Hz / 1ph
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