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Transformer fuses 3 for 1.50 - 1000 Watts

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Has your transformer burnt out due to excess of load? Did you check its fuse? Using a transformer without a fuse is as risky as using an electrical appliance without a transformer. This can cause a fire and damage to the transformer as well the appliances it is sued with. A fuse provides safety from over flow of current. It comprises of a small metal strip that breaks when the range of current is above the normal. Sam Stores brings these fuses in packs of three. The bare minimal charge for a 3 pack for 1.5 to 1000 watt fuse. Go get your fuse now and prevent damage to your transformer.

Transformer fuses 3 for 1.50 - 1000 Watts

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Transformer fuses 3 for 1.50 - 1000W
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