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Model: WSS204Allows you to use American small low wattage travel items outside the USA

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SS204 Features:

  • Allows you to use American small low wattage travel items outside the USA.
  • 1600 watts Step Down converter (Fuse Protection)
  • Converts 220 volts down to 120 volts



This Sam Stores product is a 1600 watt step down converter. It has a fuse protection in case the adapter is over loaded. This allows for the internal circuit to remain undamaged and also continue providing a uniform flow of current to various other appliances. There are many adapters outside that perform the same function but often malfunction very easily. This malfunction can very easily damage the appliances that you are using at that moment. So it is very necessary to have a user friendly product. Sam Stores also provides a very cheap bargain for this extremely useful product. For a price of just $6 you can get this appliance. 

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