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Sony HVR-A1E "PAL" 1/3-Inch Professional HDV Camcorder with 3-Million Pixel CMOS Imager, DVCAM and Mini DV Recording Options, Professional Audio Inputs and Time Code

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The Sony HVR-A1E HDV PAL Camcorder is the entry level HDV camcorder that records

high definition video as well as DVCAM and DV standard-definition video. The camera uses a

single 3-megapixel CMOS chip to capture images. The use of a CMOS (Complementary Metal

Oxide Semiconductor) chip allows the camera to capture amazing high quality images while

consuming less battery power and making the camera smaller overall. The Enhanced Imaging

Processor (EIP), a Sony created technology, enables the camcorder to capture and process high-

definition video and high resolution still images with the highest levels of contrast and detail.

This model is specifically for PAL system video applications.

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The HVR-A1E realizes new levels of compact design and efficiency with a single 3

megapixel CMOS imaging chip. Compared to a CCD (Charged Coupled Device), a

CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) works more efficiently and burns

less battery power. It uses both positive and negative polarity circuits, only one at any

given time.


Professional Audio Inputs

As with its big brother the HVR-Z1 3-CCD camcorder, this single chip camera offers

professional shooters balanced XLR audio inputs with phantom power and attenuation

options. A shotgun microphone can be mounted on top the camcorder as a large,

shoulder-mount ENG style camera would.


Zeiss Lens

The professional video and filmmaker will not be disappointed with the quality of glass at the front of the A1U camera. Sony has engineered the camera around a Carl Zeiss Vario-

Sonnar T* lens for the latest in anti-reflective coatings and new levels of HDTV-quality

resolving power in a compact design. This camera's a 10x zoom lens has a maximum

wide angle of 5.1 mm which will show a 50° horizontal angle of view.


1080 Lines Resolution


The HVR-A1E is a tiny camera capable of recording in several frame rates including

NTSC. When it is set up to record standard definition video this camera is an PAL device


that stripes the tape at 30 interlace frames per second. When it is selected to record in

HDV it can record 50, 25 frames per second. Its widescreen chip captures over 1000

horizontal lines and 1440 vertical lines no matter what you dial in for record format.




Signal System    PAL System

Image Device     1/3" CMOS Chip with 2.97 Million Pixels

Lens       5.1-51 mm Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T*

10x Optical Zoom

37mm Filter Diameter

Signal-to-Noise Ratio      Not Specified By Manufacturer

Horizontal Resolution     1080 Lines Horizontal Pixels

1440 Vertical Pixels

Sensitivity           Not Specified By Manufacturer

Minimum Illumination   7 Lux with Gain Up

0 Lux in Night Shot Mode

Vertical Smear   Not Specified By Manufacturer

Built-in Filters    Electronic Daylight and Tungsten Switchable

LCD Monitor       2.7 Inch Widescreen

Viewfinder         Color and B/W Switchable

Scan Matching   No

Memory Card Slot           Yes

Memory Stick Duo 15mB included with Camera

Shutter Speed Range     1/4 seconds to 1/10,000 seconds

Gain Selection   0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18dB


Tape Format      DVCAM Small Cassette

HDV Record and Play

DVCAM Record and Play

DV Record and Play

Tape Speed        HDV- 18.8mm/sec.

DVCAM- 28.2 mm/sec.

DV SP Mode- 18.8mm/sec.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio      Not Specified By Manufacturer

Maximum Recording Time           HDV:60 Minutes

DVCAM: 40 Minutes

DV: 60 Minutes

Audio Dynamic Range    Not Specified By Manufacturer

Audio Signal Format        HDV

MPEG1 Audio Layer II


16-bit/48kHz 2 Channel Mode

12-bit/32kHz 4 Channel Mode

Audio Frequency Response        20Hz to 20kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio       Not Specified By Manufacturer

Input and Output Connectors    HD/SD Component- 3 RCA (x 1 output through breakout cable)

Firewire- 4-Pin (x 1 input and output)

S-Video- 4-Pin (x 1 output through breakout cable)

Composite Video- RCA (x 1 output through breakout cable)

Mic Audio- XLR (x 2 input)

Audio- RCA (x 2 output through breakout cable)

Headphone- Stereo Mini (x 1)

LANC Control- Mini (x 1)

USB- Mini B (x 1)

Power Requirements     100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz with AC Adapter

Power Consumption      6.6W

Operating Temperature                -4-140°F (-20-60°C)

Dimensions (WxHxD)     2.9 x 4.1 x 7.6" (7.1 x 10.3 x 19.1cm)

Weight                 1.8 lbs (670g)

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