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DVP-FX770 Portable DVD player Enjoy movies and music on the go and share the experience with friends Portable DVD player with 2 headphone jacks and USB connectivity High quality 7 inch LCD display Share the fun with dual headphone jacks Watch movies stored on a USB stick

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SONY DVP-FX770 Portable DVD player REGION FREE FOR 110-220 VOLTS
This player does not need a multi-system TV or a external video converter.
Built-in 32mB video converter allows playback of and DVD on any TV! Play PAL movies on a NTSC TV or play NTSC movies on a PAL TV. Basically this DVD player will play any DVD movie on an any TV without any extra equipment
Plays all PAL or NTSC DVD movies right out of the box! No fancy codes to enter, no complicated setup and no secret codes to remember either!
Guaranteed to play all DVD movies from anywhere in the World or your money back!
Code free DVD player - Modified for playback of any region DVD movie from regions 1-6
Plays any region PAL and NTSC movies on its own screen plus you can output the signal to any TV.
This unit has a built-in video converter so you can even play PAL movies on an NTSC TV or NTSC movies on a PAL TV!
DVP-FX770 Portable DVD player
•    "Clear, flicker-free viewing" - get a great view of the action on a 7 inch, high resolution LCD screen
•    Long lasting power for long journeys - watch film after film without charging, with 4 hours of battery life
•    Watch movies from a USB drive - plug in a USB stick to watch digital movies, listen to music or share photos
•    Share the experience - with two headphone jacks two people can watch the same film at the same time
•    Control from a distance - get comfortable and change settings and playback from your chair with a multi-function remote control
•    Watch films on the road - journeys go faster when you're engrossed in a movie. With an in-car charger included you can keep watching the whole way
•    Watch the way you want to - skip to the best parts or advance one frame at a time with multi-speed smooth scan and slow motion advance
•    Share music and photos - insert a CD or MP3 disc to enjoy music and photos wherever you go
•    Hear every word with Dolby® audio - hear surround sound adapted for portable viewing with Dolby® surround downmix
•    Comes in your favourite colour - this portable DVD player comes in a variety of colours to match your personal style
LCD size    7inch (480 x 234 dots)
Tuner Built-in    NO
Battery type    Built-in 4H
DivX video playback    NO
MP4?.mp4)/Xvid    YES
Swivel LCD    NO
Power ON/OFF by Remote controller    NO
AV Input/Output    Out Only
Digital Vol    YES (Tact)
Function Switch (mode switch)    YES
USB2.0    "YES (JPEG / MP3 / Xvid / MP4) *NO WMV"
Flash Memory    NO
Operation key type    Tact key
Travers    Full height type
Picture Control    "Aspect (Full / Zoom / Normal / /Back light) Contrast / Hue / Color"
   Software spec
TV System    PAL / (NTSC)
TV Tuner    -
Region    2
Deafult OSD Language    English
OSD Language Variation    "Eng / Fre / Spa / Ger / Ita / Rus"
CPRM Key    NO
VR Mode    YES
Line In    NO
Data (JPG/MP3)    YES
Mode Switch Function    DVD / USB
Mode Switch Operation    Toggle
Top Menu Key @ Main Unit    NO
Closed Caption    NO
USB Device    Flash memory,MS Card Reader
Region Code    2
Signal    PAL
CPRM Key    -
DVD-R (Video Mode)    YES
DVD-R (VR Mode)    -
DVD-R DL (Video Mode)    YES (Finalized disc only)
DVD-R DL (VR Mode)    -
DVD-RW (Video Mode)    YES
DVD-RW (VR Mode)    -
DVD-RAM    -
MP3 (CD-R/RW)    YES
MP3 (DVD+RW/+R/-RW/-R)    YES
MP3 (DVD+R DL/-R DL)    -
JPEG (DVD+R DL/-R DL)    -
DivX    NO
Super Audio CD (HD Layer)    -
Super Audio CD (CD Layer)    YES
Broadcasting    -
   DVD Camcorder 8cm DVD
8cm DVD-R    YES
8cm DVD-RW (Video Mode) *include Photo Movie    YES
8cm DVD-RW (VR Mode) *include Photo Movie    YES
8cm DVD+RW *include Photo Movie    YES
8cm DVD+R DL *include Photo Movie    YES
8cm DVD-R DL *include Photo Movie    -
Video DAC    14bit / 54MHz
Progressive Video Output    -
Block Noise Reduction    -
Digital Video Enhancer    -
Custom Picture Mode    -
Video Equalizer    -
Black Level    -
Audio DAC    96kHz / 20bit
DTS Digital Output    NO
Dolby Digital 5.1ch Decode    -
DTS 5.1ch Decode    -
Dolby Surround Down Mix    YES
AC-3 Dolby Digital passthru    -
Virtual Surround (2ch)    -
Control OSD Menu    YES
Start Up Screen    -
Back Ground Graphic    YES
Screen Saver    YES
1.4x Fast Play with Audio *smooth    -
0.6x Slow Play with Audio *smooth    -
Instant Advance *30sec. FF    YES
Instant Replay *10sec.Back-Skip    YES
Playback Memory    -
Picture Memory    -
Zoom    -
Resume    "1Disc (Lid Open-Memory Clear) (can't resume VR mode discs)"
Custom Parental Control    -
Parental Control    YES
Child Lock / Tray Lock    -
Multi-Speed Smooth Scan(Search:FWD) DVD    YES (3Levels )
Multi-Speed Smooth Scan(Search:REV) DVD    YES (3Levels )
Multi-Speed Slow Motion(FWD) DVD    YES (3Levels )
Multi-Speed Slow Motion(REV) DVD    YES (3Levels )
Frame by Frame advance(FWD) DVD    -
Frame by Frame advance(REV) DVD    -
Skip(FWD)    YES
Skip(REV)    YES
Closed Caption    -
Repeat Function(DVD)    YES (Title / Capter / ALL)
Repeat Function(CD)    YES (Disc / Track)
Repeat Function(MP3)    -
Program Play    -
Random Play    YES (CD)
JPEG Playback (thumbanail/Rotation/Slide show)    YES
JPEG Playback(Pan/Zoom)    -
JPEG & MP3 Combination playback    -
LCD Mode    Full / Normal
Anti-Shock    (YES?4sec)
Auto Stand-by    "YES (after 30min) Screensaver : 15min"
Head phones jack    YES (2)
Audio jack    YES (OUT)
Video jack    YES (OUT)
S-Video output    NO
DC Jack    YES (EIAJ type-3)
Digital out    NO
USB port    YES
Anntena Terminal    NO
Remote Controller (Included Battery)    RMT-D195
Rechargeable Battery    NO
AC Adaptor    AC-FX172 (9.5V 1.2A)
Tropical Safety    NO
Car Battery Charger    DCC-FX170 (9.5V 1.2A)
RCA A/V Cable    YES (Mini?>Pin)
Car Kit    NO
External anntena    -
Instruction Manual    YES
Operation manual language    English / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Dutch
Warranty Card    YES
Customer Inquiry Card    -
Customer Registration Card    -
   Carton Box
Packing Box    Full Color printing / Offset
Set Q`ty / Master    5
   Set size
Set SIZE(mm)    200 x 155 x 42.4
Weight    Approx 840g
Battery weight    -
   Gross size
Dimension (W*L*D)    265*244*98
Weight    Approx 1.7kg
   C/O / Promotion Material
Country Origin (Body)    Made in China
Country Origin (Carton)    Made in China
Country Origin (Remote)    Made in China
On Line Sticker    YES (from initial production to 3months later)
POP on TOP Cover    -
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Note 1: WSS1905 Antenna Connector required connecting US style antenna/cable to VCR - sold on our site for $4.00

Note 2: WMF7 plug adapter required to plug this VCR into a US style power socket - sold on our site for $0.85

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