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All region (Regions 1-6) playback FULL HD 1080p output hdmi 110-240 volts DIVX and USB INPUT Lifetime warranty on our modifications Guaranteed to play all old, current and future DVD movies including DVDs that are RCE coded PAL/NTSC Playback of DVD/VCD To play PAL movies you need a PAL TV or a Video converter 5.1 Channel Output 850W Total Power Output MP3, WMA, AAC, JPEG, DivX, MPEG4 DVD//SACD/CD/Video CD DVD/CD/SACD TEXT CD-R/CD-RW Playback DVD-R/+R/+R DL/+RW/-RW/-RW(VR) Dolby Digital,Dolby Prologic II,DTS Digital Media Port

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Sony DAV-DZ290 MultiSystem Region Free DVD Home Theater Description:


Transforming any room into the ideal listening environment is now simpler than ever. With Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (D.C.A.C), audio performance is automatically calibrated according to the shape, size and construction of your room. Simply place the supplied calibration microphone at your usual listening spot, position the speakers and connect them to the receiver to activate D.C.A.C.


Digital Media Port

Make the most out of songs, pictures and video stored on your iPod, Sony Walkman, MP3 players, Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi portable music devices with the DIGITAL MEDIA PORT. Just plug and play the DMPORT unit via one cable and you"re ready to enjoy your favourite music, amplified and in higher quality, with song title and track information conveniently displayed onscreen.



Open up a new world of connectivity and entertainment simplicity by taking full control of your entire system with a single remote commander and BRAVIA Sync.


All connected devices can sync and communicate with one another for seamless and intuitive operation via just one remote commander, thanks to this 100% lossless digital interface that always delivers superior digital images and audio through a single cable.



S-Master Full Digital Amplifier

Sony"s Systems are equipped with S-Master Digital Amplifier for superb accuracy, clear separation of signals, and balanced sound reproduction using a digital-to-digital process. They are designed to be highly efficient, producing minimal heat while taking up about a quarter of the space of conventional amplifiers.


S-Master accepts all digital signals in digital and cleanly amplifies the signal in "digital" without needing to convert it into analogue first. Using a simplified signal path and full digital processing, the audio signal is taken directly from DSP stage without additional D/A conversion. This keeps the purity of the digital audio signal right up to the final speaker output, reproducing a realistic sound experience just like the original recording.



USB Connection

Rip CDs or playback Music and Photos via USB Direct Connection.

Sony DAV-DZ290 MultiSystem Region Free DVD Home Theater Specifications:

Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Key Features:


All regions PAL or NTSC (Regions 1-6) playback

HDMI 1080i output

Playback of PAL DVD requires a PAL TV or a video converter

Lifetime Region Free Warranty: We totally stand behind the DVD players we sell. We guarantee that your code free player will play any region DVD from any country in the World. If your DVD player ever becomes defective we will fix it for free!


Output - Front (RMS) 142W x 2

Power Output - Center (RMS) 142W

Power Output - Surround (RMS) 142W x 2

Power Output - Subwoofer (RMS) 140W

Power Output - Total (RMS at 10% THD) 850W


Audio Line IN/OUT (Analogue) 1 / -

Audio Input (Front, mini) 1

Video Signal IN/OUT (Composite) - / 1

Video Signal IN/OUT (Component) - / 1

Video Signal OUT (HDMI) Yes (1080p)


Headphone Jack (3.5mm / 6.3 mm) 3.5 mm

Mic Input Jack (3.5mm / 6.3 mm) 1

D.C.A.C (Auto Calibration) Yes

Bass Boost Function (Dynamic Bass on RM) Yes

Night Mode (Normal/Plus) Yes

Movie/Music Mode Yes

Portable Audio Enhancer Yes

Dolby Pro Logic/Dolby Pro Logic II - / Yes

Dolby Digital Yes


Multi Stereo (Link) Yes

A/V Sync (Lip Sync) Yes

Speaker Formation Yes

Timer (REC/PLAY/SLEEP) Yes (- / - / Yes)


Dimmer Yes

Power Save Mode Yes



Karaoke-PON (Only DVD Function) Yes

Multiplex (Only DVD Function) Yes

Key Control (Only DVD Function) Yes

USB MEMORYDecoding Format for Sound (Playback) MP3, WMA, AAC, JPEG

Decoding Format for Video (Playback) DivX, MPEG4

Enccoding Format for Sound (Record) MP3

MP3 File Name/ID3Tag Ver. 1.1/ID3Tag Ver. 2.0) Yes / Yes / Yes

Play Mode (Normal) Yes (1 DEVICE)

Play Mode (Shuffle) Yes (1 FOLDER)

Play Mode (Repeat) Yes

Play Mode (Resume) Yes

Recording Source (CD) Yes

Recording Source - DATA DISC (MP3) Yes

Recording Mode - Nomal (CD) Yes (by disc / by track)

Recording Mode - Normal (DATA DISC - MP3) Yes (by folder / by track)

Recording Mode - Program Yes (CD only)

Recording Speed - CD 2.5X

Recording Speed - DATA DISC (MP3) 20X Max

Edit - ERASE (ALL / 1 FOLDER / 1 TRACK) - / Yes / Yes

TUNERBand FM / -

External FM/AM Antenna Yes (FM: 75 ohm)

Station Preset FM20 / -

Tuning Range (FM) 87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz


DVD/DVD Audio/SACD/CD/Video CD Yes / - / Yes / Yes / Yes

DVD/CD/SACD TEXT Yes / Yes / Yes

CD-R/CD-RW Playback Yes / Yes

DVD-R/+R/+R DL/+RW/-RW/-RW(VR) Playback

DivX Playback Yes

MPEG4 Simple Profile Playback Yes

JPEG Playback Yes

MP3 Playback Yes

MP3/ID3Tag Ver.1.1/iD3Tag Ver.2.0 Yes / Yes / Yes

Multi Disc Resume (DVD,VCD) 10 Discs

Progressive Scan (NTSC/PAL) Yes / Yes

Precision Cinema Progressive Yes


D/A Converter (Video) 108MHz/12bit



Front Speaker Type (Grill) Micro Sat (Punched Metal)

Front Speaker System 1 way (Full Range)

Front Speaker Woofer Unit 6.5cm

Centre Speaker System 1 way (Full Range)

Centre Speaker Woofer Unit 6.5cm

Surround Speaker Type (Grill) Micro Sat (Punched Metal)

Surround Speaker System 1 way (Full Range)

Surround Speaker Woofer Unit 6.5cm

Subwoofer - Active/Passive Passive

Subwoofer Speaker Unit 18cm



Main Unit Size (W x H x D) Approx. 430 x 66 x 390 mm

Main Unit Weight Approx. 4.3kg

Front Speaker Size (W x H x D) Approx. 103 x 164 x 94 mm

Front Speaker Weight Approx. 0.5kg

Front Speaker (with stands) Size (W x H x D) Approx. 103 x 183 x 101 mm

Front Speaker (with stands) Weight Approx. 0.6kg

Centre Speaker Size (W x H x D) Approx. 265 x 94 x 77 mm

Centre Speaker Weight Approx. 0.7kg

Surround Speaker Size (W x H x D) Approx. 103 x 164 x 94 mm

Surround Speaker Weight Approx. 0.5kg

Subwoofer Size (W x H x D) Approx. 225 x 395 x 335 mm

Subwoofer Weight Approx. 6.5kg

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