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1000W Total Power/ 5.1 Channel/ 3-Way 47" Floor Standing Speakers/ Wireless Rear Surround Sound Speakers/ Built-In Wi-Fi/ 4K Upscaling/ Magnetic Fluid Glass Fiber Speakers/ Dolby TrueHD And DTS-HD Decoding/ DVD HD Upscaling/ DLNA/ Black Finish

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S-master Digital Amplifier             24bit

AUDIO IN            Yes

BD/DVD               Yes

Bluetooth            Yes

FM         Yes



USB        Yes


TV           Yes


Bluetooth Reception      Yes


Center (Reference)        200W

Front (Reference)           200W

Subwoofer (Reference)                200W

Surround (Reference)   100W

Total (Reference)            1000W

Audio Features

AAC (For ARIB) Yes

DSD        Yes(HDMI in; No)

DTS        Yes

DTS-ES Yes(as DTS Core)

DTS-ES Discrete6.1          Yes(as DTS Core)

DTS-ES Matrix6.1              Yes(as DTS Core)

DTS-HD                 Yes (HDMI in)

DTS-HD HR          Yes (HDMI in)

DTS-HD LBR        Yes (HDMI in)

DTS96/24             Yes (HDMI in DTS96)

Dolby Digital       Yes

Dolby Digital Plus              Yes (HDMI in)

Dolby Prologic   Yes (HDMI in)

Dolby True HD   Yes (HDMI in)

Muting                 Yes

Preset   Yes

DSD to LPCM conversion out      Yes (88.2kHz/44.1kHz)

DTS HD Master Audio bit-stream out      Yes

Dolby Digital       Yes

Dolby TrueHD bit-stream out      Yes

LPCM 2ch out    Yes

LPCM 6ch out    Yes

LPCM 8ch out    Yes

Electronica          Yes

Hip Hop                Yes

Pop        Yes

Rock      Yes

Standard              Yes

2ch Stereo          Yes

3D Surround       Yes

AAV       Yes

Auto      Yes

Berlin Philharmonic Hall                 Yes

DSEE      Yes

Demo Sound      Yes

Digital Music Enhancer   Yes

Football                Yes (Enhance/Narration off)

Movie   Yes

Music    Yes

Night     Yes

All front                Yes

Standard              Yes

2ch STEREO         Yes

DTS Neo:6 (Music/Cinema)         Yes(~48K) / Yes(~48K)

Dolby Prologic   Yes(~48K)

Auto Scan Tuning             Yes

Band      Yes (FM)

External Antenna (FM/AM)        FM (75ohm)

Preset Station   20 (FM)

AV Sync                Yes

DCAC DX              Yes

VACS     Yes

Convenience Features

Disc (CD-R)          Yes

Network              Yes

XMB (Xross Media Bar)                 Yes

Audio Return Channel   Yes

BRAVIA Sync      Yes

Control for HDMI             Yes

Child Lock            Yes

Parental Control               Yes

Remote Setting Guide on XMB (Learning)            Yes

Built in Demo     Yes

DEMO mode      Yes

Alpha-numeric FL Display             Yes

Auto Power Off (Auto Stand-by)              Yes

Bit Rate Indicator             Yes (Video, Audio, BIV)

Drive Type (Tray/Slot-in)              Top loading

Easy Setup (Quick Setup)             Yes

External Input Skip          Yes

Illumination LED                Yes

PhotoTV HD       Yes

Power Save Drive            Yes

SLEEP    Yes

Screen Saver      Yes

TV system Default Setting            60Hz

Touch Sensor     Yes

USB Keyboard   Yes

Inputs and Outputs

Analog Audio Input(s): PIN Jack                 1

Auto Calibration Mic Input(s)      1

Ethernet Connection(s)                1

HDMI Input(s)   2

Optical Audio Input(s)    1

Super Tweeter 14mm

USB Input(s)      1

HDMI Output(s)               1

Network Features

3D Streaming     Yes

Live Streaming Yes

Personal Contents           Yes

Recom.                 Yes

Subtitle                Yes

Cover Art             Yes

History Browse                 Yes

Information Browse (with Web Browser)             Yes

Information Display        Yes

Qriocity Recommendation           Yes

Related information       Yes(BD, DVD, CD, USB, BIVL)

Search Contents               Yes

Contents Throw               Yes (Music, Photo)

DMP (Dgital Media Player)           Yes (Video, Audio, Photo)

DMR (Dgital Media Renderer)    Yes (Video, Audio, Photo)

Local DMS (Information Server)                Yes (Audio)

Party Control Screen      Yes

Smart Select       Yes

Streaming           Yes

BD Remote 1.1 Yes

BD Remote 2.0 and above            Yes

Device Yes(Axis, iPhone, Android)

Java       Yes

Security Filter    Yes

Streaming           Yes

Wi-Fi Built in       Yes(2.4GHz)

Browser Viewer for IPTV (e.g. BBC)         Yes

Favorites             Yes

Party Mode        Yes

Portal UI              Yes

Vudu     Yes

Wake-up on LAN              Yes

Playback Features

Repeat All           Yes

Repeat Chapter                Yes

Repeat Title        Yes

Repeat Track      Yes

Resume - Power Off       Yes (BD, DVD, CD)

Resume - Stop Yes


Enclosure Type (Bass Reflex/Acoustic suspension/Passive radiator/others)          Bass Reflex

Input Terminal Push Type

Rated impedance            6ohms

Speaker System               2 way

Speaker Unit      3 units

Supplied Cable Length   2m

Tweeter Unit     20mm

Type (Tall boy, Micro satellite)   Center

Woofer unit       60mm x 2

Enclosure Type (Bass Reflex/Acoustic suspension/Passive radiator/others)          Bass Reflex

Input Terminal Push Type

Rated impedance            6 ohms

Speaker System               3 way

Speaker Unit      4 unit

Supplied Cable Length   4m

Tweeter unit      25mm

Type (Tall boy, Micro satellite)   Tallboy

Woofer unit       80mm x 2

Active/Passive Passive

Enclosure Type (Bass Reflex/Acoustic suspension/Passive radiator/others)          Bass Reflex

Input Terminal Push Type

Rated impedance            6 ohms

Speaker System               Subwoofer

Speaker Unit      1 unit

Supplied Cable Length   3m

Woofer unit       180mm

Enclosure Type (Bass Reflex/Acoustic suspension/Passive radiator/others)          Bass Reflex

Input Terminal (SCREW/PUSH TYPE/GOLDEN PLATED/PIG TAIL)                 Push Type

Rated impedance            3 ohms

Speaker System               2 way

Speaker Unit      2 unit

Supplied Cable Length   5m

Tweeter Unit     20mm

Type (Tall boy, Micro satellite)   Desktop

Woofer unit       80mm

Supplied Accessories

Model Name     RM-ADP092

Type (Basic, Step up)      Step up

Wireless Amplifier           Yes

Wireless Surround Transmitter/Receiver              Yes

Auto Calibration Mic       Yes

Batteries              Yes

FM Antenna (Pig tail / T type)     Yes

Quick Setup Guide          Yes

Warranty Card   Yes

Supported Media

AAC (.m4a)         Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)

DTS        Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)

LPCM (.wav)      Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)

MP3 (.mp3)        Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)

MP3 ID3 Tag V1.1 Support            Yes

MP3 ID3 Tag V2.0 Support with Text Info Only    Yes

MP3 ID3 Tag unicode support     Yes

MPEG-2 Audio Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)

WMA Tags          Yes

WMA9 Standard (.wma)               Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)

BD-R      Yes (SL/DL)

BD-RE    Yes (SL/DL)

BD-R      Yes (SL/DL)

BD-RE    Yes (SL/DL)

BD/CD   Yes

BD/DVD               Yes

HDDVD/DVD      Yes (DVD)


GIF (.gif)              Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)

JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)             Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)

PNG (.png)         Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)

AVCHD AVCHD Disc Format Forlder         Yes

MPEG-1 Video/PS (.mpg .mpeg, .m2ts, .mts)      Yes

MPEG-2 Video/PS, TS ( .mpg.mpeg, .m2ts, .mts)               Yes

MPEG-4 AVC (.mkv, .mp4, .m4v, .m2ts, .mts)     Yes

MPEG-4 Simple Profile Yes

WMV9 (.wmv, .asf)         Yes

Xvid HD 1080      Yes

BD-Live                 Yes

BD-R/RE               Yes(SL/DL)

BD-ROM              Yes(SL/DL)

Bonus View        Yes

CD (CD-DA)         Yes

CD Graphics        Yes

CD-R/-RW           Yes

CD-Text                Yes

DVD Camcorder 8cm DVD            Yes


DVD+R Double Layer      Yes

DVD+RW             Yes

DVD-R   Yes

DVD-R Dual Layer             Yes

DVD-R/-RW VR                 Yes

DVD-RW              Yes

DVD-Text            Yes

DVD-Video         Yes

External HDD (Read, Copy/Move)            Yes(Read)

File System (FAT32, NTFS, exFAT)             Yes(FAT32, NTFS)

SA-CD (SA-CD/CD) Playback        Yes

SACD-Text          Yes

USB Memory     Yes


HD (24Hz) (24p True Cinema)      Yes

HD (60Hz)            Yes

HD 24Hz to 60Hz conversion        Yes

SD (60Hz)             Yes

DVD 24p output                Yes

NTSC/PAL (60Hz/50Hz) Yes (NTSC)

TV Type Default Setting                Yes

HDMI    Yes

HDMI    Yes

HDMI    Yes

HDMI    Yes

Video Features

2D -> 3D               Yes

BD-ROM              Yes

Photo    Yes

Streaming           Yes

Video (from camcorder)               Yes

IP Content Noise Reduction Pro                Yes

Super Scaler (Precision CinemaHD upscale)          Yes

Up Scaler (4K)    Yes

Deep Color         Yes (HDMI input: No)

Disc Drive            Yes

Preset Picture mode Cinema      Yes(Theater room/Brighter room/Auto/Direct/Custom1/Custom2)

x.v.Color              Yes (HDMI input: N

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