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Screen Innovations 7 Series 7TZ110BD14L 110" 16:9- 1.4 BLACK DIAMOND ZERO EDGE W/ LED 110 VOLTS (ONLY FOR USA)

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Type: Fixed Frame

Format: 16:9

Dimensions: 49.8" Height x 87" Width; 100" Diagonal

.8 gain - Near black in color and best overall black level of all SI gains. Recommended for dedicated home theaters or smaller screen sizes, where viewers will be sitting directly in front of screen - as viewing cone is more narrow than the higher gain screens. Will work with active 3D content, but not generally recommended as brightness is reduced by almost half in 3D mode.

SLATE 1.2 gain - Slate™ replaces the need to settle for a substandard screen in a family room setting, by rejecting 65% of the room’s ambient light vs. only <10% light rejection with a white or gray screen.

1.4 gain -Most popular gain of Black Diamond screens. While similar in color to the .8 gain, projected content will appear brighter and have a much wider viewing cone. Excellent choice for multi-purpose rooms / commercial applications and larger screen sizes. Works well for well-lit rooms and 3D content.

2.7 gain - This is a silvery white screen. It is designed for passive 3D because of its brightness and can have a bit of sparkle to it. The 2.7 is polarization preserving material so that is why it works with passive 3D. If watching in 2D mode, you will need to turn down the bulb to economy setting. Also, the 2.7 gain does NOT have the same light rejection qualities as the 1.4, 1.2 and .8 gains.

Make a statement with the Black Diamond Zero Edge screen with LED Light Kit, the world’s only vertical and horizontal ambient-light-rejecting screen. The Black Diamond screen features a multi-layer optic that reflects only the light generated by the projector resulting in a 900% boost in contrast. Now you can use your projector in a well-lit space. No more concerns about limiting your home theater to a room with controlled lighting! Additionally, Black Diamond is the only screen that greatly benefits dark environments by reducing light scatter by over 75%.


The Black Diamond Zero Edge screen has an ultra-rigid aluminum backing that makes it look similar to a giant flat screen. But at about 1cm deep, this screen is thinner than any television on the market. The screen’s pencil-thin bezel makes your projected image look like it’s floating on the wall. This screen is sure to be a conversation piece.


The Black Diamond Zero Edge is available with a variety of mounting options, including recessed, flush to the wall, projected off the wall or flying from cables for an incredibly sleek look. No assembly required, just unpack and hang.


With the included LED Light Kit your screen will glow and take your Black Diamond Zero Edge screen to the next level! Over 110,000 adjustable colors and loaded with options that will impress any audience.


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Screen Innovations 7 Series 7TZ110BD14L 110" 16:9- 1.4 BLACK DIAMOND ZERO EDGE W/ LED 110 VOLTS (ONLY FOR USA)
$ 4000 New Available online