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Ceramic coated barrel for even heat Use with or without steam Ready to use in 60 seconds with LED indicator light Cylindrical barrel shape with curl release and cool tip for easy styling Comes with two lengths of comb and 2 year guarantee

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Product description

Product Description


The Flexibrush Steam Brush it’s back and brilliant as ever. Recognised as the secret to achieving a multitude of bang on trend everyday styles, the Flexibrush Steambrush has been brought back by Remington in the face of over-whelming customer demand. This one-time beauty staple, is now fast-becoming a cult beauty essential due to its incredible versatility.

The Flexibrush Steam was first launched in 1993. It quickly became a dressing table staple. Unprecedented demand for the product’s return came in the form of between 30 and 50 customer service calls per week and endless requests from loyal customers and consultants, Customer letters included the claims that the Flexibrush Steam was the only one of its kind, it was excellent and the only slim steam brush on the market and was a clear winner amongst its loyal fans. At Remington, they are thrilled to be giving you want you want and Flexibrush Steam is back, better and here to stay.

The Remington Flexibrush Steam Brush combines advanced technology with enhanced design specifications. The Flexibrush Steam comes with a number of updated features such as a 60 second heat up feature, ceramic coated barrel with integrated steam brush and easy fill water tank.

Its water tank is simply filled up to produce steam through the brush for incredible styling results. Accompanied with two lengths of combs to help create the latest hair looks, this appliance is the classic beauty essential.

Whether you want to tame fringes, create glam waves and curls or sculpture edgy shapes, this practical styling brush will quickly kick your hair into style. Eliminating hair-mares in a flash, it creates volume and body for fine or lacklustre hair. The Flexibrush Steam Brush is just one of the products from the popular Hair Essentials Range. This range offers a ideal selection of dryers, straighteners and tongs - all providing the perfect solution to value and high performance styling.



Instructions for use: Remington Flexibrush can be used without steam. Follow the below steps for when steam is required. • First fill the water reservoir. Hold the unit in a vertical position with cap end down to prevent any spillage from any residual water left in the cap. • Unscrew the reservoir and fill with warm or cool water to the fill line. Replace the cap with the tong still held vertically with cap end down and twist gently into place. • Plug the unit into the mains and wait for about 5 minutes. • To activate steam, gently depress the cap. The unit is designed to release with one push, just the right amount of steam required for a small section of hair. • Separate the section of hair to be curled and wrap around the hot barrel, winding up exactly as you would use a roller. • Press reservoir cap to release the steam. Hold the Flexibrush in place for about 8-12 seconds – then press the curl release button and carefully draw the unit away allowing hair to unwind automatically. Let curls spring back and cool before combing.”

Remington CB4N Flexibrush Steam Styler Not For USA is a blend of combined advanced technology with enhanced design specifications. It comes with excellent features such as 60 second heat up feature, ceramic coated barrel with integrated steam brush and easy fill water tank. This user-friendly stylish brush will help you style your hair the way you want. Whether you want to create curls, waves or want to tame fringes, it will meet your needs.

What you get

·         A hair styler that is a blend of combined advanced technology 

·         60 second heat up feature, ceramic coated barrel

·         Integrated steam brush and easy fill water tank

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