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For an optimal aroma, the Aroma Swirl distributes the flowing coffee uniformly in the jug. With adjustable time switch so you can wake up in the morning from the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The manual brewing stop allows you to stop the brewing process as desired, drip-stop function Innovative water level indicator with LightGuide 1,2l water tank (10-15 cups), automatic shutdown The removable parts and the glass jug are dishwasher safe Scope of delivery: coffee machine with glass jug

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Simply good coffee

Enjoy delicious coffee thanks to a reliable coffee machine with a clever and compact design. Whether you are looking for the perfect coffee for a special occasion, you want to make sure that the quality of your favorite drink remains the same, or simply make great coffee with minimum effort - with this Philips coffee machine is provided for everything.


The HD7459 coffee machine has a timer so you can wake up with the fresh coffee: simply program the timer in the evening and wake up to freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Thanks to the innovative water level indicator, you can see exactly how much water is in the tank. The coffee machine switches itself off automatically after the coffee preparation, thus saving electricity and increasing safety.


Integrated timer

The Philips coffee machine has an integrated, pre-programmable timer. Simply prepare your coffee machine, set the time and wake up with the fresh coffee.


Drip stop

The drip-stop function allows you to interrupt the brewing process, for example if you want to pour a cup of coffee between them.


Aroma Twister

The Aroma Twister is a clever nozzle within the pot of this Philips coffee machine. The Aroma Twister mixes the incoming coffee evenly with the coffee inside the jug, thus guaranteeing an optimal and even aroma.


 Dishwasher safe parts

All detachable parts of this Philips coffee machine are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


Automatic shutdown

Have you forgotten to turn off your coffee machine? Do not worry! 30 minutes after the coffee has been prepared, the coffee machine switches off automatically in order to save energy.


Water level indicator

This intelligent water level indicator is integrated into the water tank, so you can easily see how many cups you have filled.


Removable filter insert

The removable filter insert allows you to easily fill the coffee machine and ensures a convenient disposal of the filter used.

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