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Enjoy up to 6 months* of long-lasting smooth skin and up to 92% less hair after just 3 treatments** Philips Lumea Prestige works efficiently on hair colors such as dark blonde, brown and black as well as skin tones from very white to dark brown Lumea SmartSkin sensor detects your skin tone and then displays a comfortable light setting for the area you are treating With four body zone attachments that are perfectly matched to any body shape, tailored programs adapt to the body, face, bikini zone and armpits With the free Lumea IPL app, you can get up to 6 months of long-lasting smooth skin* - from the comfort of your own home

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  • Fast results with treatment twice a month

    At the beginning every 2 weeks - that's helped as many treatments as other brands. Then a refreshment is only required once a month. That's it. The treatment of both lower legs takes 8.5 minutes.

  • SenseIQ technology

    Detected The SmartSkin sensor measures your skin tone and shows which of the 5 light settings are most comfortable for you.

    Adapts Tailor-made programs for each body area are automatically selected when the attachment is attached.

    Nourishes. For efficient, gentle, easy and long-lasting hair removal**.

  • Complete solution for face and body

    The specially developed attachments adapt perfectly to any curve of your body and automatically select the most efficient program for the corresponding body area. Face: Flat design and small treatment window with UV filter. Body: Curved inwards with large treatment window. Bikini zone and underarms: Curved outwards for hard to reach areas.

  • We accompany you with every step

    Each Philips Lumea IPL device comes with a free coaching app that provides personalized treatment programs, adaptive scheduling, and tips and tricks so you can easily stick to the treatment plan and achieve the best results.

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