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Trendy hair removal device with IPL technology for up to 92 % less hair after 3 sessions - ideal for light to dark skin types with dark blonde, brown and black hair. Thanks to the curved body attachment, large parts of the body can be quickly treated. The small attachment with special light filter is suitable for sensitive areas such as the face and the bikini area. For easy treatment, the Philips Lumea Advanced features a slide and flash function as well as individual flashes. The light pulses painlessly interrupt the cycle of newly growing hair. Easy to use thanks to 5 directional settings and intelligent skin tone sensor to determine your skin type. For added convenience, the IPL device is equipped with an extra-long cable. Special edition includes Philips Lumea Advanced (SC1997/00) and Satin Compact Correction Trimmer (HP6388/00).

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  • Product description
    The Philips Lumea Advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device is designed to prevent hair regrowth and leave your skin feeling silky smooth every day. Enjoy 12 months of silky smooth skin* and up to 92% less hair on your legs after just three treatments**. Wired version. With five customizable light settings. Skin contact sensors to protect the eyes ensure that a light pulse is only triggered when there is full skin contact. Use the FREE Lumea app and get a unique and personalized IPL experience - your coach will make sure you get the most out of your Philips Lumea IPL for long-lasting results. Special Edition: The Philips on-the-go trimmer is a discreet beauty tool that makes small adjustments between treatments quick and easy on the go. At Philips, we create innovations that change lives. That's why we adapted the IPL technology used in professional beauty salons for easy and effective use at home. The technology was developed in collaboration with leading scientists and dermatologists and has been tested on over 3,000 women. It enables gentle and effective treatment, even on sensitive areas. Philips Lumea emits gentle pulses of light to the hair root and thus continuously prevents hair from growing back. Philips Lumea is the #1 IPL brand in Europe***.
  • After 12 treatments, an average of 82% less hair on the lower legs.
    **If the treatment plan is followed; Results may vary individually.
    *** Source: Market Research Institute, retail value MAT March 2022, according to IPL category
    **** If the treatment plan is followed. Calculated for use on lower legs, bikini line, armpits and face. Lamp life does not extend the Philips 2-year worldwide warranty.

    Legal Notice
    Test your new Philips product risk-free! Benefit from our 90-day money-back guarantee. More information (Conditions of Participation)

  • Fast results with treatment twice a month

    At the beginning, perform the treatment every 2 weeks - that's half as many treatments as other brands. Then a refreshment is only required once a month. That's it. The treatment of both lower legs takes 15 minutes.

  • skin tone sensor

    The skin tone sensor detects your skin tone. When it detects a skin tone that is not suitable for IPL treatment, no light pulses are automatically released. You can choose from five intensity levels and adjust the treatment according to your wishes for a pleasant experience.

  • Satin Compact Correction Trimmer

    For a complete beauty routine: The Satin Compact correction trimmer is a beauty device for on the go for quick and easy removal of the finest hairs on the face.

  • We accompany you with every step

    Each Philips Lumea IPL device comes with a free coaching app that provides personalized treatment programs, adaptive scheduling, and tips and tricks so you can easily stick to the treatment plan and achieve the best results.

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