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LED Cavity Light The new LED light inside the oven cavity is 154% as bright as the conventional light. This makes it easy to check the food inside as it cooks, and makes it possible to see the degree of cooking through the oven door. And while it provides greater brightness, the LED light also cuts power consumption by approximately 97% to help save energy. The lifetime of the LED light is also longer, so it can be used longer without the bother of having to replace it.

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General Information

Model No.          NN-GD371M

Oven Capacity   23L

Door Colour        Metallic Silver

Inverter               O (New)*

Cooking Function

MW Power Level             6

Multistage Cooking         3


Defrost Mode   Inverter Turbo

Auto Menu         12

Recipe Store      O

User-Friendly Features

Control Panel     Dial + Button

Child Safety Lock              O

Oven Interior     Paint (Grey)

Turntable            285mm

Cooking Power

Microwave         950W

Grill Heater         1000W

Power Requirement

220/230-240V, 50Hz, AC only

Power Consumption

Microwave         1150W

Grill Heater         1050W

Combination      1750W

Outside Dimensions

W x D x H             488 x 395 x 279 mm

Oven Dimensions

W x D x H             315 x 353 x 178 mm


Panasonic NN-GD371M 23 Liter Microwave Oven For 220-240 Volts is a great microwave available in the stock of Sam Stores. This microwave has LED cavity light inside it. The capacity of the offered model is of 23 liters, the color of the door is metallic silver while the interior color of the model is grey. It allows you three stage multi cooking. With 12 auto menu, you can easily do your regular cooking. It has defrosted mode inverter turbo which makes your cooking easy. Its control panel is a combination of Dial + Button. Power requirement for microwave is 950W and for grill heater is 1000W. Outside dimension of the model is 488 x 395 x 279 mm. Hurry up. Order soon.

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