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PACK OF 50 - SS417


American 3 prong universal plug adapter

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  • American 3 prong universal plug adapter. Converts any plug into a grounded 3 prong USA plug.
  • Not suitable for Shucko outlets. A shucko outlet is an outlet that is recessed into the wall. It is primarily used in parts of Europe like Germany.



A dealer is always in search of a deal which gives quality products at very nominal prices. Sam Stores brings such an exciting deal for their customers who want to place a bulk order. Pack of 50 – SS417 is a pack of plug converters for any plug into a grounded 3 prong USA plug. The US receptacles accept only flat pin plugs, which creates problem for the plugs which have round pins. With the offered range, the receptacles of round pin plugs could easily be connected with the flat pin receptacles. The offered range is not suitable for Shucko outlets.

If you are a dealer or want to buy a bulk amount of plug adapters for your usage, then the deal of Pack of 50- SS417 is for you. These are the plug converters which converts any plug into a grounded 3 prong USA plug. Although the converting plugs are very small device but the power source connectivity depends on these. For the safety of your valuable electronic equipment you should buy them from reliable stores. Sam Stores is the name which has earned trust of customers in the market. You can buy PACK OF 50 - SS417 from here without any second thought.  


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PACK OF 50 - SS417
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