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For men who only want the very best, arcitec combines Flex & Pivot Action with the Triple-track shaving heads for a perfectly close shave, even on the neck.

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Washable shaver

The waterproof shaver can be easily rinsed under the tap.


Flex & Pivot Action follows every curve

Three independently flexing heads in a shaving unit that swivels with a full range of motion. This unique combination ensures optimum skin contact in curved areas to catch even the most problematic neck hair.


Precision Cutting System

Ultra thin heads with slots to shave the long hairs and holes to shave even the shortest stubble.




Shaving System                                    Triple-Track shaving heads , Precision Cutting System , Super Lift & Cut technology

Contour-following                                 Flex & Pivot Action , Pivoting shaving unit

Styling                                                  Skin friendly precision trimmer


Ease of use

Display                                                 Battery level indicator, Charge indicator, Replace shaving heads indicator, Travel lock

Charging                                               Rechargeable, Quick charge, Cordless

Cleaning Washable, Cleaning indicator

Shaving time                                         Up to 21 days



Finishing                                               Mirror coated display



Stand                                                   Charging stand, Power Pod

Maintenance                                         Cleaning brush, Protection cap



Run time                                               60 min

Multi-Voltage Compatible 110/220/240V 50/60Hz

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