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The energy-saving and powerful UV lamp (6 W) has a life expectancy of 8,000 hours and can be replaced if necessary. A grid includes the 2000V high-voltage wires and provides additional protection during handling. Stop exposing your family and yourself to harmful chemicals. This mosquito lamp is the perfect alternative to chemical-free pest control and can be safely used in any indoor environment covered by flying parasites. 30 m2 effective area – works ideal against mosquitoes, brakes, snakes and other flying insects – environmentally friendly without chemicals. The mosquito killer lamp has a removable tray, dead insects collect at the bottom of the unit, which can be easily pulled out for quick cleaning, safe and easy to clean power grid. EASY INSTALLATION AND CARE: After standing up on the table or simply hang on the wall and protect from pets or children. All dead insects are assembled in a removable box which is very easy to clean.

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Technical Details

Product Dimensions       210 x 230 x 240 cm

Part number      1

Shipping Weight               599 g

Product Description

This electronic insect killer is absolutely safe and easy to use. Get rid of mosquitoes, moths, flies and other annoying flying insects in an environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable way, without using pesticides or toxic substances. With this insect light, you can safely create a mosquito-free environment.


1. The insect trap is suitable for use in dark places and should be hung at least 1.5 to 3 meters above the ground. If you're using the mosquito killer in the room, it's better to turn off other lights or adjust the light intensity, leave the room alone, and work for an hour.

2. Close the doors and windows when in use. Do not hang the device in front of open windows or doors

3. If possible, we recommend that you temporarily leave the Electronic Mosquito Killer. The best time is 30 to 60 minutes. At the same time it can be used without distraction. If the human smell is excluded, the mosquito can perceive the light or the smell and penetrate into the UV tube, which can be destroyed by electric shock.

area of influence

The most effective way to help the insect lamp in the radius of 30m ² and suspended at about 1.50m height. The lamp can be used anywhere, but it is recommended to use it in a dry place, in a cool place or in a dark place and to get the best effect.

electric shock

There are no toxic sprays used, no pesticides and other chemicals that can be harmful or even dangerous to humans and pets.

Easy to clean

The removable tray comes with a cleaning brush that will allow you to collect and remove dead insects.

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