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230L Platinum Silver Top Mount Fridge with Moist Balance Crisper. Top Mount Fridge with Multi Air Flow, Moist Balance Crisper to maintain moisture levels to ensure fruits & vegetables stay fresher for longer.

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Green Ion Deodoriser

This nano-carbon deodoriser with Green Catechine is located at the air circulation vent to ensure the disintegration and deodorisation of unpleasant odour from fish and meat, while the honeycomb-type active carbon filter powerfully absorbs unpleasant odour from other sources.


Express Cool

The cooling system evens out the temperature and maintains the freshness of your food


Vitamin Kit

Fruits or vegetables start to change colour or soften after storing in the refrigerator for more than 5 days. This is the result of oxidisation, triggered by free radicals. LG's new Vitamin Plus Kit supplies vitamins to fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh and to extend their shelf-life.


Moist Balance"! Crisper

LG's Moist Balance"! Crisper is a special latticed-type fruit/vegetable box cover that controls moisture at optimum level so that fruits and vegetables can stay fresh longer.



Capacity (? / cu.ft.) - Model Gross(Top Mount) / SAA Gross(Side by Side)

Total                                                    250


Capacity (? / cu.ft.) - ISO Storage

Total                                                    188

Freezer                                                 51

Refrigerator                                          137


Dimension (mm) Net

Height - to Top of Hinge                       1451

Depth - including door & handle            572

Width                                                   537


Dimension (mm)

Product (Wx Hx D)                              537x1451x572

Packing (Wx Hx D)                              576x621x1536


Weight (kg)

Net                                                      46

Packing                                                51


General Features

Energy Consumption (NEA Rating)       2 ticks


Refrigerator Compartment

Refrigerator Shelves                              Plastic

Interior lamp                                         15Wx1

Multi - Air Flow                                    Yes


Stuffing Quantity, Container

Packing(20/40S/40HC)                        48/102/126


This appliance is not designed for use in America. Only for countries that use 220 / 240 V electrical outlets

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