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Key Features STORE FOOD SEPARATELY WITH SMART STORAGE SECTION 99.99% ANTI BACTERIAL WITH HYGIENE FRESH+ Available in 25 ft. Fresh 0 Zone Yes High Efficiency Insulation Yes Wide Shelf Yes LED Lighting Yes Inverter Linear Compressor Yes Hygiene Fresh (Semi permanent) Yes

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Smart Storage

Hygine Fresh+

Large Capacity

Inverter Linear Compressor

Smart Storage

To keep items in separate, sealed containers is essential to maintaining the distinctive taste and aroma of each ingredient. LG’s Smart Storage System is composed of several clever features, designed not only to improve accessibility and keep food fresher, but to meet the specific needs of  consumers.

Hygiene Fresh+™

LG’s newly introduced Hygiene Fresh+™ leads utmost air purifying performance in refrigerators. Thanks to LG’s unique UV light & Photocatalyst mechanism, this new 5-layered filter upgrades hygienic condition with anti-bacterial and deodorization. For anti-bacterial function, CHEARI has certified its capability by 99.99%

Inverter Linear Compressor

LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor technology enables its refrigerators to be industry leaders in energy savings, freshness, noise levels, capacity and durability. LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor efficiently controls cooling power and reduces internal friction. Changing from reciprocal to piston drive means optimal efficiency and big energy savings. Fewer friction points work to reduce noise levels significantly while enhancing the product’s durability, allowing LG to offer a 10 years warranty on LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor.

Tilting Fresh Basket

More Space, More Storage! A new space where you can organize neatly small items such as eggs, snacks and sausage.

Folding Shelf

Just Fold, Place tall items! Shelves can be folded to your needs.

Easy Pull Drawer

Easy In, Easy Out! Even though drawers are fully packed, it slides out smoothly.

Fresh Box

No more smell mix, Store separately!

Separate storage for odor generating food.


  • Dimensions W x H x D (mm)

    908x1772x869 mm



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