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567L Platinum Silver Side by Side Fridge. LGs world first technology, inverter linear compressor, keeps energy consumption and noise level at their lowest. With GR-L208BLK side by side fridge, the shelf life of food and vegetable are extended, keeping them in the most nutritious and wholesome state.

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Icebeam Door Cooling"! System

Taste the ultimate difference in the freshness of your food with LG s Icebeam Door Cooling"! system. This unique cooling system retains the freshness of your food by a uniform distribution of cool air from the vents at the back as well as at the side of the refrigerator.


Moist Balance"! Crisper

LG's Moist Balance"! Crisper is a special latticed-type fruit/vegetable box cover that controls moisture at optimum level so that fruits and vegetables can stay fresh longer.


Energy Efficient Inverter Linear Compressor

With LG's linear compressor, the motor works in a linear movement to power up the refrigerator. This saves you money on up to 30% of energy used for conversion from rotating to linear movement in conventional compressor, thus giving you a much quieter refrigerator. Besides, it also adjust the fridge operation according to the fridge storage condition, giving saving on lower energy consumption and noise level.



The door seals of the refrigerator are treated with anti-microbial agent to prevent the growth of mould which can distort the seal of your refrigerator. The doors can then be tightly closed at all times with no cold air seeping out to maintain coldness, thus saving energy.


Low Watt LED Light

By using a low Watt LED Light, you get greater energy savings (90% less energy than normal bulb), a longer-lasting bulb, as well as a more brightly lit refrigerator. Also, with a light temperature about 4 times lower (25 degree celsius and lower), your food is kept cool at all times.


Eco-friendly Gas R600A

Complementing the 2nd Generation Linear Compressor, LG uses R600A refrigerant with natural gas that does not damage the ozone layer and thus has no influence on greenhouse effect. With environmental friendly setted in place, we achieved the High Energy Efficiency (EER) rating and 4 ticks in Energy Efficiency rating by NEA.



Capacity (? / cu.ft.) - Model Gross(Top Mount) / SAA Gross(Side by Side)

Total                                                    567

Freezer                                                 214

Refrigerator                                          353


Capacity (? / cu.ft.) - ISO Storage

Total                                                     506

Freezer                                                 158

Refrigerator                                          348


Dimension (mm) Net

Height - to Top of Case                       1753

Depth - without door                            600

Depth - without handle                         665

Depth - including door & handle           725

Width                                                   894


Dimension (mm)

Product (W x H x D)                            894x1753x725.


Weight (kg)

Net                                                      122


General Features

Refrigerant                                            R600A

Energy Consumption (NEA Rating)       4 ticks

Childlock                                              Yes

Door Alarm                                          Yes


General Appearance Features

Digital Display                                      Yes

Water & Ice Dipenser                          Yes


General Interior Feature

Icebeam Door Cooling"!                     Yes

BioShield"!                                          Yes

Express Freezing                                   Yes


Refrigerator Compartment

Wine Rack                                           Yes

LED Light                                            Yes

Moist Balance Crisper                          Yes

Egg Bank                                             Yes

Tempered Glass Shelves                       Yes

Snack Corner                                       Yes

Air Tight Crisper                                   Yes

Humidity Controller                              Yes

Dairy Corner                                        Yes

Bottle Guide                                         Yes


Freezer Compartment

LED Light                                            Yes

Tempered Glass Shelves                       Yes

Automatic Icemaker                             Yes

Space Plus                                           Yes.


This appliance is not designed for use in America. Only for countries that use 220 / 240 V electrical outlets

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For Residential delivery there will additional $40 to $75 charge.

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