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Mini Low Pressure Under-sink Under-sink Tankless Water Heater Kitchen 28-55 °C, Electric Instantaneous Water Heater Garden LED Panel, Energy Saving

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  • Instant heating and constant temperature: 5500 W mini water heater with high efficiency, fast heating in 3 seconds, constant temperature to maintain the best water temperature for you. The water temperature can be controlled remotely and controlled by touchscreen. (Adjustable temperature: 28-55°C)
  • Energy saving: water is only heated when you need it, and not stored in a hot water tank. Self-modulating temperature technology uses only energy to heat water while using it to save up to 50% of the cost of water heating compared to a typical water heater.
  • Easy to install: The water heater has a mini body that can be easily installed in the bathroom, kitchen and under the sink. Standard 1/2 interface (inlet or drain), can be directly connected to conventional household hose connections.
  • Safe to UseOur electric instantaneous water heaters have been rigorously tested and have multiple protection functions: water and power insulation, IPX4 waterproof, leak protection, dry fire protection, automatic shut-off when overtemperature and inactive conditions.
  • Save space: this water heater in the basement or storage room takes up a lot of space. This wall mounted water heater takes up 90% less space than a standard tank water heater. Digital Screen Suitable for kitchen sink and bathroom.


--Save time.

The water heater can provide you with unlimited hot water, you do not have to wait for the water tank to be heated like a conventional water heater.


--Easy installation.

There is no conventional water tank in the instantaneous water heater, which is very suitable for installation in a small space.


--Energy saving and environmental protection.

The instantaneous water heater is only opened when hot water is needed. You do not need to store hot water in the water tank to save hot water costs



Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 6 cm.

Weight: 1.9 kg.

Voltage and power: 220V - 5500W

Frequency: 50-60 Hz.

Applicable water pressure: 0.04-1.2MPa

Heating method: cast aluminium heater.

Control method: touch + remote control.

Temp. Range: 28-55

Minimum Water flow: 0.475 GPM / 1.8 L/min

Connection: 1/2 inch NPT.



1. The capacity of the main circuit and air switch must match the rated power of the device.

2. If the power cord of the device is damaged, it must be replaced by professional technicians.

3. Please note that this item should get the water first and then connect the power when installing.

4. Installation environment requirements: kitchen, bathroom, toilet, shower room, cable requirements of more than 2.5 square meters; fuse switch more than 32 amps.

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