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High quality pre-amp - see an increase in air traffic plus aircraft at a further distance

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Jim M-75 Preamp

BNC Plug on one end and BNC socket on the other, the unit will fit on top of a handheld scanner or in line for use with a base receiver. Fitted band pass filters for much improved performance. Can be powered by its internal battery ( 1 x PP3 9v type ) or from 12v Dc.

Ideal for use with the SBS-1 Radar sysytem.
* Frequency Range : 24Mhz to 2150 Mhz
* Variable gain : -10dB to + 20dB
* Power :12V DC or internal Battery
* Size : 95 x 50 x 33mm
* Weight : 180g


Using one of these directly mounted behind theany of the Real-Time Virtual Radar products, we instantly saw an increase in air traffic plus aircraft at a further distance from the BS1100 Base Station Antenna.

High quality pre-amp with variable gain control and band pass filters to minimise interference.

Switchable bands covering 24MHz-2.4GHz. Can be battery powered from an internal 9V PP3, or external 12V DC.

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