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This is a Step Up/Down Transformer that will allow you to use your (100 Volts) items from Japan in North America(110-117 Volts) and North American (110 Volts) Item in Japan (100) Volts

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JC2000 is a well-known step up and down transformer. In the industry, its name is synonymous with impeccable quality and durability. At the cost of a regular step up and down transformer, it offers some surprisingly sophisticated and advanced functions – like concurrent twin mode output, and all range fuse protection. Its sleek design further ensures that it can be easily stored in any corner of the house without bothering about space.

If you want an effective charging solution to power up your devices in another country, look no further than JC200 step up and down transformers. It is a mighty transformer that can run electronics up to 2000 Watts, which may seem like overkill, but is necessary to warrant reliable operations at foreign voltage standards. With its compelling set of features, metal-clad production, sturdy surge security and foreign voltage compliance, it is perfect for home use, as well as industrial purposes.

JC2000 step up and down transformer, with its high voltage rating of 2000 Watts, is competent to preserve your appliances – whether big or small from power surges and spikes. Despite being so power-packed, it has a moderately small and light form factor that makes it easy to set up anywhere without any troubles.

JC2000 offers a secure, stable, cost-effective and handy solution to transforming voltage from 110 volts to 220 volts, or vice versa. It has a highly durable and heavy-duty cord with a conventional round prong connection. It comes with two outputs on the front, allocated for 110 volts and 220 volts sequentially. With its twin conversion modes, it is compatible with both US standard voltage as well as foreign voltage. It also has state-of-the-art electronics to safeguard your valuable devices from accidental voltage fluctuations.

JC2000 is indeed one of the most powerful step-up and down transformers in the market currently. It checks all the right boxes, holding the title for best voltage transformer for both home as well as industrial applications. You can find JC2000 here, at Sam Stores, at the best price.

Model# JC2000

Step Up and Down Transformers 2000 watts
For use in Japan and USA
Step up/step down 117<---> 100V



Dimesion 11" x 6.5" x 8.5"

The manufacture recommends you purchase a transformer that is 25% higher then the wattage you need.


You should know that you will never damage your appliance with a higher wattage transformer, however if you buy one that is not powerful enough, it will not work. 


Use Amps to calculate watts


Volts (times) Amps = Watts,
For Example 110V x 5A = 550W


Remember to leave at least a 100% slack for the transformer. Using them to maximum capacity will eventually burn the transformer out after prolonged use. Some items, such as, laser printers and power tools spike when you turn them on. For these types of situations you need to buy a transformer that is at least 3 times the items capacity.

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