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50 FT Extension Cord Approx.

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50 FT Extension Cord Approx.

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Shipping Weight:    6 Lb.

Product Type:        Extention Cord

The extension cords like IPC 50FT Extension Cord makes an electricity source more accessible. It is ideal for running the devices that are far away from the power point. It is has an approximate cable length of 50 FT. It is designed to endure test of time. You can use it with much ease.  It can be used both indoors and outdoors. This extension cord is designed to meet various needs and preferences.  The plug and the socket are fully moulded and it has white standard cable design.

What you get

·         An ideal extension cord that makes electricity more accessible

·         Perfect for running devices that are far from the power point

·         Approximate cable length  of 50 FT, plug and the socket are fully moulded

·         White standard cable design



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