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Side-by-Side Refrigerator, Minus-Zero Hybrid Cooling System & Nano Titanium, Gross Capacity 726Litres

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Big Capacity with Compact Design


Nano Titanium Filter

Tempered Glass Shelf

Quick Freezing

Quick Cooling

LED Display & Temperature Selection

220-240 Volts


Nano Titanium

The Nano Titanium Filter removes odor-causing molecules from the external air flowing into the wash basket through the Air Jet Dry system. The result-clothes are cleaner           


Minus Zero Cooling

Hybrid cooling system featuring cutting-edge technology

MINUS-ZERO Cooling applies the latest hybrid technology to refrigerate using an ice-cold 0oC panel and chilled air flow. By assuring uniform temperature distribution and a small range of temperature change, this new system helps prevent partial drying and freezing of foods to maintain its freshness and flavor. Made of high thermal conductivity aluminum, the panel provides uniform radiation cooling, with the entire back wall acting like a large block of ice. The dimples further assure efficient cooling


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