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FOLLETT FOTE12CI425A-LINT Symphony Plus Ice and Water dispenser FOR 230V/50HZ NOT FOR USA

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Narrow, 40.9 cm (16.12") width 5.4 kg (12 lb) ice storage capacity

Integral air-cooled ice machine with up to 186 kg (410 lb) daily production of Chewblet ice

- soft, chewable, compressed nugget ice is preferred over cubes1 and is ideal for patient care

- Quiet Night™ sleep mode turns off ice machine when idle Designed with sanitation in mind

- automatic self-flushing of ice machine removes impurities

- drain cup provides internal air gap for added protection of food zone components from drain line contaminants

- Agion silver-based antimicrobial provides protection of key ice and water contact components2

- one-hand lever or SensorSAFE infrared ice dispense

Dependable design, easy to service and clean

- cleaning and sanitizing of entire machine takes only 1 hour

- LED control board provides at-a-glance machine status

- panels are easily removed for accessibility to all components

- ice machine parts are common across all Symphony Plus dispensers

- stainless steel evaporator and auger deliver long life

Environmentally responsible

- R404a refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential

- continuous ice making process uses less electricity and water

Durable, attractive dispenser

- stainless steel cabinet with accent trim

- poly drain pan, grille and dispenser lid are corrosion-resistant

Easy installation

- comes fully assembled and installs with three easy connections –

electric, water and drain


Model configurations

Ice storage capacity: 5.4 kg(12 lb)

Dispense: Lever

Ice machine cooling: air

Voltage V/Hz: 230/50

Item number: FOTE12CI425A-LINT


Ice production

Temperatures air/water: 21/10 C (70/50 F) and  32/21 C (90/70 F)

Air-cooled:  186.1 kg (410 lb) 140.7 kg (310 lb)

Energy consumption per 45.4 kg (100 lb) ice: N/A and 6.0 kWh air-cooled

Water consumption: 45.4 L (12.0 gal) of potable water per 45.4 kg



Ice storage capacity 5.4 kg (12 lb)

W1 Width 40.9 cm (16.12")

W2 Width, base stand accessory 44.4 cm (17.5")

D1 Depth, entire dispenser 59.7 cm (23.50")

D2 Depth, drain pan 13.97 cm (5.50")

D3 Depth, base stand accessory 55.9 cm (22.00")

H1 Height, dispenser 82.6 cm (32.50")

H2 Dispense height clearance 23.83 cm (9.38")

H3 Height, base stand accessory 83.8 cm (33.00")

H4 Height, leg kit accessory 93.1 cm (36.64")

Ventilation clearance 15.24 cm (6.00") top and right side

Service clearance 30.5 cm (12.00") top

Utility connection location through back or bottom

230 V/50/1 (“E” models) electrical: 5.5 amps, 0.8 kW 2.4 m (8') cord only

C2 Potable water inlet 3/8" FPT

C3 Drain 3/4" MPT

Air temperature 10 - 38 C (50 -100 F)

Water temperature 7 - 32 C (45 - 90 F)

Water pressure 69 - 483 kpa (10 - 70 psi)

Heat rejection 5000 BTU/hr

Approximate net weight 65 kg (144 lb)

Approximate ship weight 90 kg (199 lb)

Approximate ship weight,

base stand accessory

36 kg (80 lb)

NOTE: For indoor use only


Optional Accessories

Base stand with or without factory installed water filter

(refer to form# 7010)

10.16 cm (4.00") leg kit (item# AF10LBLEGS)

Pressurized water sanitizing kits (refer to form# 6830)

Water filters (refer to form# 9905)

Additional Symphony Plus accessories (refer to price list)

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