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Good-Uses less water- It is cooled by a fan, Good-Better for environment, Bad-Has a tendency to heat the room where it is located more than water cooled

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Difference between AIR COOLED & WATER COOLED

The refrigeration system in ice machines has to be cooled during operations because of the heat that is generated during the mechanical process. These are the two types: Air Cooled or Water Cooled

*Air cooled:

1 Good-Uses less water- It is cooled by a fan

2 Good-Better for environment

3 Bad-Has a tendency to heat the room where it is located more than water cooled

4 Bad-Little noisier than water cooled

5 Good-Most popular

*Water cooled:

1 Good-Quieter than air cooled

2 Good-More energy efficient

3 Good-Does not raise room temperature

4 Bad-Cost for water cooled is in some cases higher

5 Bad-A lot more water is used which some consider to be a waste

6 Bad-Water bill is higher

7 Bad-Water filtration systems have to be changed more frequently because of water usage

Convenient, sanitary, user-friendly dispensing

• Labor-saving, sanitary automatic load

• Lever dispensing standard

• Quick shut-off reduces the amount of wasted ice

• High-quality Chewblet compressed nugget ice is slow melting, easy to chew

• Clear chute ensures sanitary delivery and focuses ice cleanly into cups, pitchers, carafes, ice bags

SensorSAFE™ accessory offers even more sanitation and convenience

• Infrared sensing eliminates container to dispenser contact, reduces chance of cross-contamination

• Easy, one-hand filling of containers

• Attractive graphics direct users to actuation zone

Space-saving, attractive design

• 21" (534mm) width requires less space than competitive models of similar capacity

• Zero side clearance required for ventilation

• Softly-rounded European styling

• High-quality stainless steel exterior with plastic trim

• Attractive, user-friendly graphics

Environmentally-friendly Maestro icemakers

• State-of-the-art R404A icemaker automatically loads dispenser with 400 lbs (181kg) of ice each day

• Stainless steel evaporator and auger

• Energy-efficient; no costly defrost cycles or high waste water

• Quiet production; no noisy harvest cycles

• Satellite-fill™ icemakers can be located up to 20 feet (6m) from dispenser; remove heat, noise and bulk from customer area


• SensorSAFE actuation (standard on wall mount models)

• Chilled water option (item# AFH20CHIL2550)

• Water filter kit (item# 00130229)

• Base stand (for models 50CT400A/W, C/E50CT400A/W) (item# AF50BASESTD)

• SafeCLEAN™ environmentally-responsible ice machine cleaner (item# 00132001)

• Slide-out track for Satellite-fill icemakers

(item# AFGSLIDER400A (air-cooled icemakers) and item# AFGSLIDER400W (water-cooled icemakers))

• Drain pan assembly for wall mount models

(item# AFH50WBASE)

Wall Mount Models      

• Deduct 3.625" (92mm) from height shown

• Add .5" (13mm) to depth shown

• Wall mount bracket standard

• SensorSAFE standard

• No drain pan. Drain pan available – contact factory

Connections Utilities connect through back or bottom. Back entry shown. Supplied 2" (51mm) duct and louver must be installed for undercounter Satellite-fill icemaker installations.

Required Clearances

• Models with integral icemakers – 6" (153mm) at top for ventilation, 12" (305mm) recommended for service • Models with Satellite-fill icemakers – 12" (305mm) at top recommended for service

• See Dispenser Detail Sheet, form# 2075, for important installation information


Standard electrical – 115V, 60Hz, 1 phase. Icemaker 11 amps, dispenser 4 amps. Cord and plug provided with each icemaker and dispenser. If local code requires hard-wiring, separate disconnects also required. Satellite-fill icemaker models require separate circuits for icemaker and dispenser.

Alternate electrical – 220V, 60Hz, 1 phase, 6.5 amps (icemaker 5 amps). 230V, 50Hz, 1 phase, 6.5 amps (icemaker 5 amps). Cord only provided with each icemaker and dispenser.Wire in accordance with all local codes.

Plug configuration – 7 ft (2.1m) cord and NEMA 5-20 hospital-grade plug provided with each dispenser. 220V/230V models, cord only.

Approximate Shipping Weight

C/E/50CT400A/W           295 lbs (134kg)

C/E/50CR400A/W          250 lbs (113kg)

C/E/50HT400A/W          310 lbs (141kg)

C/E/50HR400A/W          295 lbs (134kg)


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