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220-240Volt 50Hz Paper Shredder with Office use, Caster Wheels, LED display.

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220-240Volt 50Hz Paper Shredder with Office use, Caster Wheels, LED display, extra low noise operating, for paper, CD and credit card.

Product Specification:


Unit Dimension:     25.7 H x 12.8 W x 15 D

Unit Weight:          32.3lbs.


Technical Specification         EXAS1500

Voltage                                       220-240Volt

Hertz                                          50Hz

Type of Shredder                          Cross Cut

Shred Size(mm)                           4x30

Sheet Capacity(75gsm/A4)            15

Throad Width(mm)                       230

Average Shredding Speed(m/min)  2.6

Noise Level(Db)                            ≤65

Shred Staples                              Yes

Shred Credit Card                         Yes

Shred CD                                     Yes

Shred Small paper Clips                Yes

Bin Capacity(Liter)                        35

Electronic Auto-start                     Yes

Manual Reverse                           Yes

Auto Reverse                               Yes

Safety cut-out on bin removal         Yes(indicator)

Slide-Out West bin                        Yes

Overload Protection                      Yes(indicator)

Overheat Protection                     Yes(indicator)

Bin-full indicator                           Yes(indicator)

Caster Wheels                             Yes

Unit Dimension(HxWxD)                653 x 325 x 381mm

Net Weight                                  14.7kg

Do you want to pick up the right shredder for your office or home? EWI EXAS1500 Paper Shredder 220-240 Volts is the paper shredder optimal for your office or home to destroy your documents. It is a cross cut paper shredder that will chop up the paper to fine level to meet your security requirements. It can shred staples, credit cards, CDs, and small paper clips. It has an average shredding speed of 2.6metre per minute. The electronic auto-start button and safety cut-out on bin removal are some striking features of this paper shredder.

What you get

  • A user-friendly paper shredder with cross-cut model
  • Perfect for shredding staples, credit cards, small paper clips, CDs
  • Electronic Auto-start, Safety cut-out on bin removal, Overload Protection               

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