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Amplifier - DA4000 (cdma/tdma/pcs/gsm/amps)

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Amplifier - DA4000 (cdma/tdma/pcs/gsm/amps)














Don't miss our complete line of Digital Antenna amplifiers for GSM, CDMA, AMPS, and Nextel. We have products for your home or office, as well as for use in cars, RVs, and boats.

A superior signal reach booster, the DA4000 provides excellent amplification of transmit and receive signals while greatly enhancing range and system access, adding up to 30 50 miles or more of extended coverage. This translates into fewer dropped calls, clearer connections and stronger signals.

Digital Antenna s PowerMaxTM 3 watt Dual Band Cellular Amplifier improves communication by bringing maximum power to all bands of your cell phone. This bi-directional amplifier features Dynamic Variable Gain Control to regulate the amplifier s output to any cell carrier s tower. This patent pending technology allows clean and clear functioning of the cell phone, whether under the tower or 30 miles away without power overloading or saturation. Combine the DA4000 with any of Digital Antenna s cellular antenna product line and increase the gain of your cellular phone up to 30dB.NOT FOR USE WITH NEXTEL PHONES.

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Digital Antenna Amplifier - DA4000 (cdma/tdma/pcs/gsm/amps)
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