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About this item ☆ Strong Performance - With powerful copper motors and aluminum blades, it is quiet but powerful, while producing a stronger airflow. This pedestal fan not only reduces energy costs, but is also safer to operate. ☆ Adjustable Height & Tilt-back Head - Gives you the ability to direct the cooling air right where you need it. The fan's stand or pedestal, adjusts up or down changing the fan's height while the tilt-back head lets you aim the air towards the floor, ceiling, or anywhere in between. ☆ 3 Speed Control - Allows this free standing pedestal to provide a cooling breeze around the home or home office. Ideal for the bedroom, living room, or near your desk. Low, medium, and high speed make this well suited around the whole house. ☆ Widespread Oscillation - Describes the action of the fan head moving from side to side to blow air throughout the area. Oscillation allows for the fan to provide ventilation for a wide area. ☆ Easy Operation - Quick and easy to set up in any room, the high-velocity pedestal fan features a rotary control to operate the fan and quickly change speeds.

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If you are looking for a commercial-grade pedestal fan in the market, you must check out the new Commercial Oscillating Standing Pedestal Fan 75cm For 220 Volts Not For USA, right away! This free-standing pedestal fan can quickly provide you with a cooling breeze and help you cover more area effortlessly. The device features a powerful copper motor and aluminum blades that help it give you strong performance with little noise. Its adjustable height and tilt-back head allow you to set the perfect angle for your comfort. Its widespread oscillation feature automatically moves the fan head from side to side, blowing air throughout the area.

What you get:

  • Three fan speeds
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Easy operation 
  • Strong performance
  • Copper motors
  • Aluminum blades


Product description

- Bold mesh cover for denser and safer density.Sturdy rocker head, more flexible when swinging and smooth.
- Aluminum alloy blades, sturdy and durable, strong wind.
- High-speed motor, high-speed operation, strong wind, to meet different needs.

* Specification: 500
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 180W
Rotating speed: 1400r/min

* Specification:650
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 230W
Rotating speed: 1400r/min

* Specification:750
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 280W
Rotating speed: 1400r/min

- The electric fan provides powerful wind flow that will cool your room fast, yet the blades and motor are quiet enough to allow you to sleep comfortably, coolly, and peacefully.
- Supplies a steady, consistent air flow for faster and more powerful cooling.Best when you want to customize your air circulation and cool down fast.

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