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CIARRA CBCS6201 Cooker Hoods 60cm Stainless Steel Chimney Range Hood 220 volts NOT FOR USA

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High Extraction Rate: 380m³/h. Our kitchen chimney hood is of a well great extracting rate. It can absorb grease, smoke and dust mostly, to protect your lovers, kids and yourself from unhealthy smells.

Low Noise Level: 63DB(A). The extractor fan is of high quality. It produces less noise when it is working.

Two Working Modes: can be used as a recirculating cooker hoods with two CBCF002 carbon filters (not included); Can also be a Ducting vent hood with a duct pipe coming with.

Standard Duct Vent Chimney Hood: it is 60cm range hood. Please check it first before purchasing it.

12-month Warranty on Ventilation Range Hoods: please contact us when you need our tech support. Our professional tech and service team is standby.


-It is a new wall-mounted range hood with button control for 3 speeds, LED light bulbs inside.

   -With a relatively high extraction rate of 380m³/h, well enough for absorbing grease, dust and dirty smoke during your cooking hours.

    -Colored silver, it is more suitable for kitchens of different decorating styles. The range vent hood itself is a part of your decorating.


60cm Stainless Steel Chimney Hoods with Extractor Fan

Try this 60cm Stainless Steel Chimney Cooker Hood 600mm Range Hood !!!

 1. A cooker hood of high quality, high performance for years to come.

 2. Looking for a stylish touch to your kitchen decoration.

    Accompanied with our ducting and recirculating range hoods, you will enjoy its:

High extraction rate

Low noise level

Dual in ventilation working modes: Recirculation inside/ Duct outside


Technical Specifications for our Extractor Hoods 600mm

3 -Speed Push Button Controls: Altering the extracting speed with a simple push on the button.

e.g.: Frying: Increase the speed to intense style

      boiling: Reduce the speed to general type

Technical specification

Noise Sound Pressure: 63dB(A)

Extraction Rate: 380 m³/h

Ducting Outlet: 150mm

Motor Power: 65W

Rated electrical voltage: 220-240V

frequency: 50Hz

Amp Rating: 3A

Efficiency: C

Lighting: 1* 2W LED Lamp

Two Ventilation modes of our 60cm Canopy Hoods with chimney

Two working modes:

  1.Recirculating mode (vent inside):

* Carbon filters (not included) are necessary when you can not have a chimney outside.

* Compatible kitchen filter (sold separately) is CBCF002x2 filter (searching B078WLY5KL).

* The grease filters need to be taken off before carbon filters are installed in recirculation cooker chimney hood.

  2. Ducting mode (vent outside):

* Used as a ducting vent range hood with a duct pipe 150mm in diameter (INCLUDED).

* Our hood is easily mounted to the wall above the cooker or hob.

* Used with 2 washable aluminium grease filters

Regular replacement of the carbon filters / cleaning for the grease filters:

Filters are used for absorbing the grease, dust and smoke in the air during your cooking hours.

If they take too much without a cleaning or a replacement, it may cause risks.

Carbon filters better to be replaced within 3 to 6 months depending your cooking hours.

Aluminum filters should be washed every month.


Technical Details

Brand    CIARRA

Model   CBCS6201

Item Weight       9.18 Kg

Package Dimensions       66.3 x 55.1 x 25.4 cm

Energy Efficiency              C

Efficiency (10 classes)     C

Noise Level         63 dB

Part Number      CBCS6201

Special Features               LED Light, Without Carbon Filters, With Aluminum Grease Filters, Two Ventilation Modes

Colour   Silver

Certification       (unset)

Batteries included?         No

Batteries Required?        No

Manufacturer Warranty                1 year

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