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Canon DR-6030C High Speed Document Scanners 220-240 Volts/ 50-60 Hz * 80ppm / 160ipm Speed Black and White/ Colored * 600dpi Optical Resolution * Ultra-compact A3 production scanner * Advanced image processing features * Ultra-reliable paper transport system * Class-leading energy efficiency

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Canon DR-6030C High Speed Document Scanners 220-240 Volts/ 50-60 Hz

* 80ppm / 160ipm Speed Black and White/ Colored

* 600dpi Optical Resolution

* Ultra-compact A3 production scanner

* Advanced image processing features

* Ultra-reliable paper transport system

* Class-leading energy efficiency

* Optional Flatbed 101 Scanner Unit

* Kofax VRS included

you can Compact A3 production scanner for dependable, high-quality scanning. DR-6030C Production Scanner Exceptional speed and efficiency Busy working environments can quickly raise productivity with the DR-6030C’s rapid colour scanning. Speeds of up to 80 pages per minute in landscape mode (60ppm in portrait) are achieved through Canon’s advanced 3-line CMOS CIS sensor technology and JPEG-compression image file transfer process. Advanced processing for superior image quality The versatile DR-6030C has an optical resolution of 600dpi. It uses the latest image-processing technology to create consistent high-quality results. 3-Dimensional Colour Correction delivers unprecedented colour reproduction, using a built-in colour circuit to identify the exact RGB colours used. Together with Auto Colour Detection these features ensure your documents are accurately colour-matched to the originals, for high-quality reproduction. The DR-6030C also comes with three text enhancement modes – Advanced Text Enhancement, Advanced Text Enhancement II and High Speed Text Enhancement. All three are designed to improve readability and extract text from hard-to-read originals, such as documents with highlighted notes, light-coloured text or documents with dark patterned backgrounds. Customised Colour Dropout provides the ability to remove unwanted colour graphics, including lines and boxes, from the final image. This gives clearer images, resulting in improved OCR reading accuracy and reduced file size, which is particularly useful in form processing. Intelligent scanning functions, such as Auto Size Detection, Deskew, Skip Blank Page, Text Orientation Recognition and Hole Punch Removal, will ensure that documents are professionally captured every time. Compact by design One of the most compact A3 production scanners in its class, the DR-6030C can be easily positioned on desktops in corporate office departments or remote offices – where space could be limited. Scan operators will greatly appreciate the front document feed and exit design for its space-saving and convenient operation. Up to 100 scan jobs or individual document workflows can be pre-configured for quick initiation, as well as more efficient document capturing and processing. High speed A3 scanning performance with impressive paper handling and reliability. Compact and ergonomically-designed, the imageFORMULA DR-6030C scanner speeds up workflow and boosts productivity with unrivalled paper handling reliability. Customised Colour Dropout Select a colour range to remove unwanted elements from scanned image A4 Flatbed Scanner Unit 101 Trouble-free paper handling The DR-6030C can reliably handle up to 10,000 scans a day and is capable of supporting the most demanding environments. The high precision roller system allows for jam-free feeding of a wide range of documents, from A3 media and plastic cards to documents of up to 3m in length. The selectable straight paper path allows scanning of very thick documents and multi-sheet (up to 546 g/m2 ). Leading energy efficiency The most energy-efficient production scanner in its class, the DR-6030C uses just 46W of power when scanning – saving you money and helping you become more eco-friendly. Powerful software The flexibility and versatility of the DR-6030C is enhanced with software to help meet all your business needs. CapturePerfect – batch scan documents quickly and easily with this intuitive application that offers multi-window and thumbnail views. A CapturePerfect Software Development Kit (SDK) is also available for easy development of customised scanning applications that fit with your specific workflow and business requirements. Kofax Virtual ReScan – delivers excellent image quality scan-after-scan. Scanning is simpler and easier thanks to automatic image processing and document handling. Industry-leading quality imaging improves readability and raises OCR recognition rates, so fewer re-scans are required. You save time and money, while significantly increasing productivity. Handle exceptions with optional flatbed Scan bound books, journals and fragile media by adding the Flatbed Scanner Unit 101 for documents up to A4 or Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 for A3 scanning. Connected by USB, these flatbed scanners work seamlessly with the DR-6030C in a smooth dual-scanning operation that lets you apply the same image-enhancement features to any scan. Document Eject Tray 1 Document Eject Tray 2 U-Turn Path Straight Path Selectable Paper Path B&W Speed 80ppm Colour Speed 80ppm Daily Duty Cycle 10,000 scans/day Automatic Document FeedEr 100 sheets A3 Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 A4 Landscape speed Specifications for imageFormula DR-6030C International Standard Card Long Document Mode Paper Separation Feeder Capacity Width: 53.9mm, Length: 85.5mm, Thickness: 0.76mm (Embossed card not supported) 3000mm Max (Selectable in MS Windows control panel) Retard Roller 100 sheets (80 g/m2 ) Output Resolution Mode 100 x 100dpi, 150 x 150dpi, 200 x 200dpi, 240 x 240dpi, 300 x 300dpi, 400 x 400dpi, 600 x 600dpi Black and White, Error Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement, Advanced Text Enhancment II, High Speed Text Enhancement, 8-bit (256-level) Greyscale, 24-bit Colour, Auto Colour Detection PRODUCT FEATURES Deskew, Auto Page Size Detection, Skip Blank Page, Text Orientation Recognition, Preset Gamma Curve, Colour Dropout (RGB/Custom Colour)/Enhancement (RGB/Custom Colour), Erase Dot, Border Removal, Punch Hole Removal, Batch Separation, Edge Enhancement, Prescan, Scan Area Setting, MultiStream™, Patch Code, Separate Front/ Back settings, Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection, User Registration BUNDLED SOFTWARE ISIS/TWAIN Drivers (Windows 2000/XP Pro/XP Home/Vista/7/8) CapturePerfect Kofax VRS LINUX Drivers (web distribution only) Options Consumables Barcode Module III, Silex C-6600GB, Silex SX-DS-4000U2, Flatbed Scanner Unit 101, Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 Exchange Roller Kit Suggested Daily Duty Cycle 10,000 scans/day *Scanning speeds depend on the specification of PC and the settings of functions. Some images are simulated for clarity of reproduction. All data is based on Canon’s standard testing methods. This leaflet and the specifications of the product have been developed prior to the date of product launch. Final specifications are subject to change without notice. ™ and ®: all company and/ or product names are trademarks of their respective manufacturers in their markets and/or countries. English Edition © Canon Europa N.V., 2013 Type Document Reading Sensor Optical Resolution Light Source Reading Side Interface Dimensions Weight Power Requirements Power Consumption Operating Environment Environmental Compliance Desktop Type Sheet Fed Scanner CMOS CIS 3-Line Sensor 600dpi RGB LED Front/Back/Duplex High Speed USB 2.0 & SCSI-3 Tray closed: 398 (W) x 312 (D) x 191 (H)mm Tray opened: 398 (W) x 668 (D) x 194 (H)mm at U-turn path Approx. 10.5kg AC 220 - 240V (50/60Hz) Scanning: 46.5W, Sleep Mode: 3.7W 10 - 32.5°C (50 - 90.5°F), Humidity: 20 - 80% RH RoHS and ENERGY STAR READING SPEED* A4, Portrait A4, Landscape B&W/Greyscale 200dpi 300dpi 60ppm/120ipm 60ppm/120ipm 80ppm/160ipm 80ppm/130ipm Colour 200dpi 300dpi 60ppm/120ipm 60ppm/80ipm 80ppm/160ipm 80ppm/80ipm DOCUMENT Specifications Width Length 53 - 300mm 70 - 432mm Thickness U-turn Path Straight Path Separation On 52 - 128g/m2 (0.06 - 0.15mm) 52 - 128g/m2 (0.06 - 0.15mm) Separation Off (Bypass Mode) 42 - 157g/m2 (0.05 - 0.20mm) 42 - 546g/m2 (0.05 - 0.66mm) Specifications for imageFORMULA Flatbed Unit 101 and Flatbed Unit 201 Flatbed Scanner Unit 101 Flatbed Scanner Unit 201 Type Universal A4 Flatbed Option Universal A3 Flatbed Option Document Reading Sensor CCD Sensor Optical Resolution 1200dpi 600dpi Light Source LED (RGB) Interface High Speed USB 2.0 Dimensions 290 (W) x 512 (D) x 88.5 (H)mm 571 (W) x 436 (D) x 96 (H)mm Weight 3.5kg (without AC adaptor) 8.5kg (without AC adaptor) Power Requirements AC220 - 240V (50/60Hz) AC100 - 240V (50/60Hz) Power Consumption Scanning:

This appliance is not designed for use in America. Only for countries that use 220 / 240 V electrical outlets.

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