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AMICA 54917-230-400V COOKING RANGE 230-400 VOLT, 50 HZ NOT FOR USA


230-400Volt/50Hz, Digital Cooking Range White color Electric Type Easy cleaning enamel, Grey chamber color Easy clean door system Oven light Drawer roller guides / storage drawer, electric oven,..

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Technical Specification

Voltage                                230-400Volt/50Hz

Oven Capacity   65 Cu. Ft.

Energy class        A

energy consumption conventional heating          0,99 kWh

energy consumption convection heating                              0,87 kWh

stand by power consumption     < 0,1 W

Cooker type      

oven: electric     Yes

Hob: glass            Yes

Programmer type            Ts

FUNCTIONS (main cavity)

No. of functions                               10

Top and bottom heat + fan          Yes

grill         Yes


top Heat + Grill (supergrill)           Yes

Defrosting (fan only)      Yes

bottom heat      Yes

Rapid heating    Yes

Hot air with circular heater + bottom heat (pizza)              Yes

Hot air with circular heater           Yes

top Heat + grill + fan                       Yes

top heat + bottom heat (conventional)                  Yes


no. telescopic guides 75%            2

side racks            Yes

deep tray            1

flat tray                                2

wire grid (wire shelf)      1

Size of the biggest baking tray    1280

push-pull             Yes

No. Of glass        3

recipes on inner door glass          Yes

easy cleaning enamel                     Yes

chamber color                                   grey

easy clean door system                 Yes

oven light                                            Yes

drawer roller guides / storage drawer    Yes


Number of chambers                     1

Energy source electric                    V

total power (kW)                             9.9

fan                                                         Yes

Grill (2000W)                                      Yes

Upper heater (900W)                     Yes

Bottom heater (1100W)                                Yes

Ring heater (2000W)                       Yes

noise level (dB(A) re 1 pW)          52


Hob type induction/ceramic/electric/gas              Ceramic

No. of zones                      4

Total power                        6.8

Zone size FL                        210/120

Zone size RL                       145

Zone size RR                       170x265

Zone size FR                       145

Zone power FL                  750/2200

Zone power RL                  1200

Zone power RR                 1400/2200

Zone power FR                 1200

color                                      white

Weight and Dimensions

Product Cooker interior dimensions        3.34”W X 2.36”H X 2.36”D inch

Product Cooker dimensions                        24.60”W X 38.38”H X 27.95”D inch

Product Weight                                                                41 lbs.

Product Shipping Weight                              46 lbs.

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