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The brand new AirNav RadarBox 2009 uses state-of-the-art electronics and technology which allows AirNav Systems to release the RadarBox.

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Welcome to the most advanced ADS-B flight tracking application ever developed, AirNav RadarBox 2009 (also known as version 2.0). This is a major release meaning lots of features were added.


This upgrade is free to all existing users.


Despite the enormous success of the AirNav RadarBox ADS-B receiver that now entirely dominates this market, AirNav Systems never stopped the development: at AirNav Systems work will never stop.


The AirNav RadarBox 2009 decodes ADB-S (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) radar signals which allows you to see what real Air Traffic Controllers see on their screens in Real-Time; fight number, aircraft type, altitude, heading, speed - which are all updated every second.


The AirNav RadarBox is equipped to be used in any location across the whole of the world, having 3D multi-window maps with worldwide coverage, more than 200,000 Geographic points included and airports, runways, VOR, NDB, FIX, cities, roads, airways and elevation data.


New Features:

- Track flight over NASA Satellite Layers - all the world covered;

- Automatic download of flight origin/departure information based on callsign;

- Screen Shot FTP Auto Upload - share received views automatically;

- New fields in MyLog tables (ADS-B, first/last position, altitude, ground speed);

- Flight Tour Feature - scroll over all tracked flights automatically;

- Network flights now with squawk information;

- Silhouettes drawn for each aircraft received;

- Major airport outlines by default - track flights on airport taxiways;

- Callsign/Route appear on MyLog Reports;

- MyLog by default orders by last time on both aircraft/flights table;

- MyLog new search options;

- MyLog refresh shortcut (F5)

- Optimization of MyLog feature to enabled millions of flight entries without affecting application performance;

- Over 1400 airline Logos included by default;

- Over 400 civilian/military flags included by default;




- Distance and Bearing automatically updated (not only on mouse move);

- Grid Column order correctly displayed for all numeric fields;

- Problems when application minimized corrected;

- Application 100% fast and stable and robust on simpler computers (average 65 Mbytes of memory used only);


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