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1.6 "blue illuminated LCD display Handsfree in the handset GAP compatible: expandable to 4 handsets Call Blocker: You can block certain numbers, only accept calls that are in your "white list" and use the "do not disturb" function Answering machine: up to 15 minutes

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Style: Prism 15  | Color: white

Product description

AEG PRISM 15 - Cordless Design Dect Phone

Inspired by the past, PRISM combines timeless design with high quality features. The base and the handset form a classic but unconventional element. A blue, backlit LCD display and a high-quality hands-free function increase the functionality. With the call blocking function you can block certain numbers, only accept calls that are in your "white list" and use the "do not disturb" function. PRISM is a DECT phone that sets a new standard in today's world of communication home.


Illuminated 1.6 "display

The display is equipped with a blue background light. The backlight ensures a good overview when operating the phone, even in low light conditions. The time can be read on the display. In addition, the numbers or the names of incoming calls are displayed, so you can see who is calling immediately. Thanks to the display you always have the battery charge state and the received signal in mind, as this is also visible on the display.


phone book

Up to 100 phone book entries can be added to the AEG PRISM. Thanks to the generous memory up to 100 names can be stored with the corresponding telephone numbers. So one sees with stored numbers with detailed calls immediately the name of the caller and one knows immediately who calls. The numbers do not have to be dialed first, but can be comfortably searched and dialed in the phone book.


ECO mode

Thanks to the ECO functionality, the device is energy-saving both in operation and in standby mode. In addition, the transmission power automatically adapts to the distance between the handset and the base.


Answering machine

The integrated digital answering machine can record calls for up to 15 minutes. You can record up to two different announcement texts. In addition, you can listen via remote ID ID the Anrfubeantworter also conveniently on the go.


Hands-free function

The AEG PRISM also has a hands-free function. Thus, even conversations can be conducted, even if just no hand is free. The handsfree function is easily activated with just the push of a button. If the green handset key is pressed again during a call, the handsfree function is switched on.


Call Blocker

Block unwanted calls based on phone number and protection against interference (scheduled) with list of preferred callers

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