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Universal AC/DC Adapter 500Ma. Input: 110/220V. Output: 3,4.5,6,7.5,9 or 12V DC.

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We have many electrical appliances at home. Most of them run on power. That is why when they are discharged, you need to recharge them. This is where you need an adapter. A lot of adapters are available in the market. However if they do not adhere to the power and voltage specifications, then they can damage the appliance. That is why Sam Stores provides the SS103 model adapter that can cater to all of your charging needs. It has an input voltage of 110 volts to 220 volts. It can support all kinds of appliances that run on this kind of power.

Adapter SS103 Universal AC/DC Adapter 500MA Input: 110 220V is a great replacement for a power adapter. It is compatible with most brands and can be used with various electronic devices such as, smartphones, AV equipment, portable speakers, computer accessories and many more.

What you get

•          Input voltage ranges from 110V to 220V to charge your devices efficiently when you’re traveling

•          Overheat, overload and short circuit protection, so that your electronic devices don’t suffer any damage while connected to it

•          Excellent built quality guarantees that it can endure a lot more wear and tear than other standard universal AC/DC adapters

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Adapter SS103 Universal AC/DC Adapter 500Ma Input: 110 220V
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