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ADAPTER F200W 20 240 VOLT TO 110 120VOLTS


Adapter F200W 20 240V to 110 120V Converter, Deluxe 200 watt International Converter.

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Adapter F200W
220/240V to 110/120V Converter, Deluxe 200 watt International Converter, For use with all types of appliances up to 200 watts. 

Product Specification:

Capacity:200 Watts

Product Type:Adapter



This is the F200W adapter that can be used anywhere in the world. When you insert the adapter in a power source then it converts attributes of the electrical device to those that are compatible with the system. Thus it provides a uniform flow of power to the various electrical appliances that it is used with.  This requires the need of a good quality adapter. Sam Stores provides this kind of adapter that can run appliances from any place in the world. It converts 220 volts to 110 volts allowing a uniform flow of direct or alternate current to reach the appliance needs.

Adapter F200W 20 240 Volt To 110 120 Volts has a maximum capacity of 200 watts. It is a heavy-duty adapter, suitable for convenient use. It converts voltage from 200/240 Volts to 110/120 Volts. It also comes equipped with an indicator light to display that it’s actively charging. Its high quality metal body and sturdy construction are signs of the durability of the adapter.

What you get

•          On/Off switch with indicator lamp

•          It comes with 2 prong USA plug to enable non-grounded use in North America and Mexico

•          They come with an attached handle, metallic casing and sturdy design to last long

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