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Allows you to use small low wattage American items outside the USA

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  • Model: WFSS220
  • Easy to use
  • 50 watt Step Down Transformer perfect for smaller devices like DVD players, battery chargers, tape players, boom boxes, etc..
  • Allows you to use small low wattage American items outside the USA
  • Converts 220 volts down to 120 volts



Do you have a cd player? If yes then it might not be plugged in at all times. In that case it runs on battery. However if the battery runs out and the adapter that comes with the laptop is damaged then it becomes mandatory to get an alternative. This Sam Stores 50 watt adapter is a product that fulfills all such criteria. In fact this adapter provides a maximum capacity of 50 watts. It is useful with small appliances. It also comes with an insulated cord which extends the adapter to a few meters. This is a very useful and handy product to have by your side.

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