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220V/50Hz portable, lightweight overhead projector.

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3M 2000

220V/50Hz portable, lightweight overhead projector. Open, singlet projection lens. 11.5" focal length. Small but powerful. Fold-down arm. Silent operation. Carrying handle. Comes with projection lamp. Lamp # 78696978267.


Product Specification:


Unit Dimension:  17"H x 24"W x 10"D.

Unit Weight:  17 lbs


This appliance is not designed for use in America -

only for countries that use 220V electrical outlets.

3M 2000 Projector is a small, portable, lightweight overhead projector. It is ideal for your home or office use as it has a silent operation. It has a carrying handle and comes with projection lamp. It has open, singlet projection lens with 11.5" focal length. Although it is small but it is highly powerful.

What you get

  • A small, powerful, portable, lightweight overhead projector
  • Carrying handle, silent operation, equipped with projection lamp
  • Open, singlet projection lens with 11.5" focal length

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