Voltage Converters / 220v Transformer

Question1: What does 220v Voltage Converters or Transformer mean?

Answer1: A voltage converter or transformer is an electrical device used to convert or change the output voltage of an electrical power source. They are basically used to change the voltage from110v to 220v and vice verse. These voltage converter or transformers are needed when we don’t get required electrical output from the power source to run a particular appliance. The very basic need of these arises to the people who travel abroad or bring electrical appliances from there.

Every part of the world use different voltages to run their appliances thus creating need for voltage conversion. A220v converter can increase voltage from 110v to 220v and similarly can decrease it from 220v to 110v. One thing to be noticed is that the transformers or converters change voltage only; they do not change the frequency of the main power source.

One should have a complete knowledge of which converter or transformer to use with which device. One should always use a converter that is rated 50% higher watt than the appliance. There are also converters and transformers which come with a stabilizer. They are used at places where voltage fluctuates and is not stable. So, basically these are the devices which convert/change the voltage coming out of the main electrical power source.

Question2: What are 220v Step-Up/ Step down Transformer?

Answer2: A transformer is an electrical device which transfers electrical energy between two circuits through electromagnetic induction. Basically, these are used to change the voltage of main electric source.

The transformers are capable of increasing and decreasing the voltage according to the need of the electrical appliance. The transformers can be used for a longer and continuous use, as they are designed in such a way that they don’t heat up easily. It does not change the frequency while increasing or decreasing the voltage. The transformers are classified into two types- step-up transformers and step-down transformers. The transformers which increase the voltage level are known as step-up transformers whereas the transformers which decrease the voltage level are called step-down transformers. For instance, the transformers which increase voltage from 110v to 220v are known as step-up transformers and the transformers which decrease the voltage from 220v to 110v are known as step-down transformers. There are also transformers which come with stabilizers. They also do the same work by just stabilizing the fluctuations in the voltage.

So, the transformers are the devices which basically help you adjust the voltage supply according the need of the electrical appliance you need to run and function properly.

 Question3: What is the difference between AC & DC current?

Answer3:   As we know an electric current is nothing but just the flow of electrons. The main difference in AC and DC is the flow of these electrons. In Alternating Current (AC), the flow of electrons is in two directions whereas in Direct Current, the flow of electrons is unidirectional i.e. in DC the flow of electric current is in one direction and in AC the flow of electric current reverses itself periodically. There is also the change of voltage in alternating current because of the change of electric current.

Now, as we know the basic difference in alternating current and direct current, there are some other differences too between AC and DC. AC is generally used in homes, offices and buildings, other work places whereas DC is usually used in cell phones, TVs, flashlights and other electrical equipment. These are used to carry electric current over long distances. DC starts to lose energy in long distances that is why they are not used for long distances. These differ in terms of frequency also- the frequency of DC is zero whereas the frequency of AC is usually changes according to the region. The alternating current or Ac is usually gained from the AC generators while direct current or DC is gained from cells and batteries.

There are various ways to convert a DC into AC. By the use of commutator, an AC can be converted into DC. We can use rectifiers too to convert an alternating current into a direct current.

So, these are the some basic differences between an alternating current (AC) and a direct current (DC).

Question4: What are 220v Universal AC/DC Adapter and its use?

Answer4: Across the globe current flows on the power line is of alternative current. Generally your equipment is directly supported with the available power supply. But the problem arises when the current required by the equipment is of direct current type. For solving this problem you need AC/DC adapter.

An AC/DC adapter is an electronic device which allows one hardware or electronic interface to be adapted (accommodated without loss of function) to another hardware or electronic interface. Most of the electronic devices like phones, cassettes, walkmans, calculators, video games, portable DVD players, and digital cameras cannot connect directly because these are compatible with the direct current and if directly connected with the AC current then the device get damaged.

Never try your goods of DC current directly with the power source of AC current to prevent the damage to your device. It is also suggested to use a good quality adapter because the flow of power depends on the quality of adapter. If the quality of adapter is not good then it will not pass the proper current to device. Along with the low passing of power, the heating problem is also a big issue with the low quality of adapter. For safe and long time performance of your device, always use an adapter of good quality.

There are so many adapters available in the market with the different specifications. Choose one that goes best with your requirements. If you are a frequent traveler, then prefer light weight and sleek adapters so that you can easily carry your adapter with you.

Question5: Can I connect several appliances use at once with a 220v voltage transformer?

Answer5: Yes, you can connect as many as appliances with 220v voltage transformer which capacity will not exceed than the wattage capacity of a voltage transformer. Also remember that only 80% of total capacity can be practically used. So don’t use capacity beyond 80% of the total capacity.

Voltage converter or voltage transformer is a device which converts voltage from 220 volts to 110 volts or from 110 volts to 220 volts. The purpose behind use of transformer is the difference of power system in different countries. All across the globe, the countries do not have a uniform power supply system. Some of them use 110volt system and some use 220volt supply. The devices are supportive either with the 220 volt or 110 volt. If you want to use device of 220 volt with the power supply of 110 volt or vice versa, then you need a transformer.

With the transformer you can protect your devices from voltage surge. A transformer is not required only when you are using your device in the different country where your device is not compatible with the voltage of supplied power. But sometimes devices are not designed according to the supplied voltage. For example, your small devices like mobile phones or laptops need low current. With such type of devices, you need a voltage converter or voltage transformer with which you can use your device. A good quality of transformer can increase the life of your device.

Question6: Are 220v Electronics Appliances purchased from USA can be used overseas?

Answer6: Although the power system is different in overseas countries but it cannot stop you to use your American devices there. You just need a plug converter and power adapter to make your device compatible with your destination.

A plug converter is a device which converts the plug points of your devices according to the available plug system of the country. There are 15 types of plug and socket systems used in the world. You cannot use different devices according to the different countries but buy a good quality of converters can make your device compatible with the available source. 

Along with the plug converter you also need a voltage converter adapter or voltage converter transformer. The voltage of the different countries varies. Some countries have the voltage supply of 220 volts and some of are 110 volts. To make your device compatible with the available voltage, you can use the voltage adapter.

You can also buy an adapter which work as both, the power converter and the plug converter. These adapters are modular and very easy to carry with you during your journey. It is always advisable to buy a universal adapter if you are a frequent traveler. A universal device accepts almost all types of plugs and some adapters also give you freedom to connect almost every receptacle of the world. Always use best quality of adapters to protect your devices from any harm caused by supplied power.